You Have The Power To Do Great Things

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Today, we highlight on the gift of the Holy Spirit and we look closely to what this beautiful gift brings to our lives.

“Because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us.” Romans 5:5

The power of God in you through the gift of the Holy Spirit enables you to do great things. The Holy Spirit brings forth faith, hope and love in your life. With the Spirit, you are able to do what you first thought you cannot do. When you choose to open your heart to the Holy Spirit, His power becomes real in you. His love becomes so alive in you and when this happens, you start to do things that you have never imagined doing before.

You are able to give a talk in front of thousands of people. You are able to rise up from your financial brokenness. You become patient with everyday traffic and unending workload. You are able to move on from your hurtful past. You are able to lovingly deal with your hard-to-love colleagues in the office. You start to level up. You become inspired to learn new things, to seek new adventures and to explore the unknown. You start to love more and give more without expecting anything in return. You finally find in your heart the capacity to forgive. You become a new person filled with so much hope.

With the Holy Spirit in your heart, you finally gain understanding of the things you find difficult to understand. You become sensitive and you see the truth in everything (The Spirit of truth will guide you to all truth. John 16:12). You start to have peace amidst uncertainty. You begin to experience comfort amidst pain. You gain confidence amidst the impossibilities of your realities. You are able to endure amidst your long, doubtful waiting. You are able to joyfully wait amidst anxiety of the unseen. You start to feel loved and most special amidst your every brokenness and flaws.

The Lord loves you so much and He gives you the power to do what human capacity cannot by sending His Spirit to empower you. Do you want to have the power to do great things? Receive the power of the Holy Spirit. With the Spirit in you, you are ordinary transformed into extraordinary. You have the power of God’s love and everything about you radically changes.

By Joy Aguila, SFL Missionary

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