WSC 2015: An Intense Worship Experience

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By Ian Varquez
CFC SFL Laguna


Photo credit: Martha Angela Garcia

During the Praise Concert, the first worship leader said, “Surrender to God all of your pains and fears.” Then, after a few seconds, God would respond to me through the songs we sang for worship. It was both exciting and emotional for me because God was really talking to me. In between songs I heard a voice telling me, “Kneel down!” I was hesitant to kneel down primarily because I never tried worshipping while kneeling down and I was kind of afraid that other people might judge me if I worship that way (I never saw anyone worship that way before) but then I looked at the stage and there it said “Christ is Enough.”

God made me realize, why I was afraid to give it my all in worship and really submitting myself to him in full humility – something I haven’t done in life so far if “He is enough”. So I did, all I ever said to God was “Sige na Lord, Wala nako paki-alam sa sasabihin nila” (Alright Lord, I don’t care what they will say) and I knelt down.

The moment my knees touched the ground, tears flowed from my eyes. It felt like God embraced me and reminded me “YOU ARE LOVED, let go of all your fears, pains and inhibitions and I will grant you rest.” In that instance my mind cannot compose a single phrase (or word) to tell God, All I did was cry and God just embraced me tighter overflowing my heart and mind with his Love and mercy.

That worship was the most intense worship I had so far in my life. God was so generous and loving to give me such feeling and presence last WSC, for a moment it was really a foretaste of Heaven that I felt. And I will hang on to that experience next time I feel down and afraid. I know and I am now sure that God loves me. With this idea, I can now testify more to the world that God loves them too. He holds my future though it looks uncertain, I know he has a wonderful plan and my heart is filled with so much excitement to see that plan unfolding in my day to day life.

In him I place my trust. Christ is truly enough.

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