WSC 2014: More Than a Prayer, But a Miracle from God

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KC Salvador
CFC SFL Quezon

KC Salvador

Originally, I decided not to attend the WSC due to financial constraints since I resigned from my job last November 2013 and I haven’t saved a single cent for this event. I also don’t want to ask for sponsorship and assistance out of shyness. There is so much help given to me and I felt that it was already enough. But God is really good for blessing me with people who paid for my registration. I am not aware of it and just learned about it from Kuya Raffy. My deepest gratitude to Tito Caloy and Tita Christy for giving me the chance to experience God in this amazing event. You were really a blessing from above.

After going through tough times for the past months, the promise of an experience to encounter God deeply has finally come. Then and there, I realized that maybe I am destined to be there; that God is making a way to push me to attend the WSC. It was my first ever World Singles Congress. Though excited, I am really quite nervous of what may happen to me and what am I about to experience. I went there with the hope of finding peace of mind and healing. I was so afraid at the same time for it is not certain that this event would set me free from all the pain, anger, doubt, worries and all the negative things that consumed me.

KC SalvadorWhile I could relate to the theme of the sessions, I really did not feel anything in the beginning. It was really awkward seeing everyone so into the moment from the very start of the event and I was a bit disappointed that I am not feeling the same thing as they did. But God has His right timing for me and I realized that it doesn’t need to be the same for everyone. My moment with God came during the third session on the second night of the congress. I had felt from this moment that I was at the right place; right time and everything just seemed so perfect. I was crying consistently and I was aware that I had goose bumps all throughout the talk of Fr. Francis Gustilo because I can really relate to the topic. We are called to love like martyrs – to love others with love that is sacrificial, enduring and unconditional. Love is a verb not a noun. It is when we strive to love, despite the difficulty that our love grows, according to the perfect love of God. After all the pain I went through these past months, this topic made me feel so moved and dumbfounded. Since then, I felt that God is carrying me and saying “We will finish this together”. I felt so blessed. It was an experience that kept me in peace that I haven’t experienced since November 2013. From that moment on, I felt that He was telling me to trust Him more, to let Him be in control of the things around me instead of me trying to fix everything. He would also tell me to pray more, to share my insecurities and my fears and hurts with Him so He can be the shelter for me, so He can console me because He loves me, because He wants me to be happy, because He is love and He wants the best for me.

God used these WSC experience to gradually vanish my doubts, fears and pain. Hearing and learning about God’s love for me, and all that Jesus had done to demonstrate God’s love, did not diminish those negative feelings. It was the realization of God’s love for me through my experiences that served as a stepping stone for me to be healed. And as I began to appreciate God’s love in a deeper context, my heart began to open and surrender everything to God.

It is God’s healing that I am experiencing right now and He showed me the way through this WSC! For me, this is more than an answered prayer. It is definitely a MIRACLE from God. In the past, I did things my way and everyday I carried emotional pain, bitterness and unhappiness. But when I learned to do it in God’s way, I noticed that things just changed for the better. Indeed, God has His perfect plans for me and a future full of love, happiness, and hope. Let me end this with my favorite lyrics that consistently kept the fire of the WSC in my heart. “You are the strength of my life Lord. It doesn’t matter what may come my way. You are the strength of my life Lord. I’m holding on to You.”

I am a witness and this is my story to tell.

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