Why Do You Love Me So Much, Lord?

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By Norie Ecija

Why do you love me so much, Lord?

I, who turned away from you; refused to be loved by you; deliberately defied you; and decidedly renounced you.

Why do you love me? Love me so much, good Lord; why?

I, who hurt you time and time again. I, who has sin at the core of my being, thus, most unworthy and undeserving of your pure love. I am filthy and my soul is stained red with it.

Still, you kept searching for me when I got lost. You untiringly kept calling my name. You patiently and faithfully waited for me to return. You were firmly hopeful about my comeback. You endured all my blasphemous insults. You ignored my pleas to rob me of my life. You suffered silently with me while I was drowning myself in my own pit-full of sorrows and pains. Your arms ache from wanting to take me back in them.

But why? Why do you love me this much, Lord? So much so, that you have to send your one and only Son as a sacrificial lamb. So much so, that your Son has to suffer in order for my and many undeserving others’ – dead, alive and those yet to be born alike, sins be washed away. And so that at the end of time, we’ll have a chance to join you at your banquet in heaven.

And then through one of your angels, you spoke mildly, “Child, indeed I do – immensely love you. Forgive me, but I have no reasons I could offer you. I just do.”

And with that, may God be praised!!!

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