“Who is like Him?”

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By Chloe Loquias
CFC SFL Fulltime Worker

“Who is like Him?” – these words were repeating inside my head during one weekend while I was in a chapel listening to our CSW talks.

I was thinking if it was possible to find a man who’d genuinely love those who’d disrespect and ridicule him. A person who’d make friends with the selfish and the unfriendly. And above all, someone who’d willingly die in order to save the sinners and the unbelievers. Where on earth would I find someone like that? But as I was glancing at the altar I actually did found that man, and I found Him nailed on the cross.

It might sound tragic, but that very cross is the bravest symbol of love. His self-denial and self-sacrifice which is rooted from the depth of His love for me tells me that there is nothing for me to be afraid of. That He had conquered not only my fears but my sins as well. That no matter what, He’d be there for me.

It might look sad, but that very cross is also a clear vision of hope. His laying down of His very life for the forgiveness of my sins which is rooted from the hope He has for me that one day I may be with Him through all eternity. That the future holds greater things for me. That despite my weakness and failures, I may see the goodness He sees in me.

It might seem unjust, but that very cross is an essential respond to faith. His meekness and acceptance of the pain and suffering He was going through which is rooted from the undeniable faith He has towards His Father brought Him to believe that all of it was worth it. That His life was not wasted because His death gave new direction to my life. That no matter when or where, I can count on Him to guide me through this new life. That like Him, my God will be with me until the end.

I then had a change of heart. When I see a cross now, I don’t feel sad anymore instead I feel loved; I see hope; I grow in faith. After what I realized, I have come to a good conclusion that I can be like Him. Actually, we can all be like Him – how? We just have to be rooted in love, hope and faith in God just like Him, the man nailed on the cross.

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