When Someone Wants Your “I Do”

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Marry Me, Today and Everyday. –Train, 2009

Everybody has a dream wedding. I mean everybody. Sure you have girls getting a lot of credit for contributing to the rise of the million dollar wedding industry, but I do not think any one is exempted from this desire.

The average woman has had dreams of becoming a bride since she was a little girl, and she has probably compiled her list of bridesmaids since high school, and every teeny tiny detail from the flowers to the song she would be walking down the aisle to are all ready to go. Not to mention the glorified vision of seeing her man, halfway through her march, gazing at her with love, teary-eyed, thinking to himself, “What have I done right in my life to deserve her?.” Oh yes. She’s got it all down to a tee. And all she is really waiting for is her knight in shining armor to step in and rescue her from the wait. The average man on the other hand, has been preparing how to strategically romance the girl of his dreams so that he may sweep her off her feet and eventually bring her to the altar.

But here’s the clincher, even before the “perfect” man and woman decides to come into our life to journey with us  to forever, Someone has already been coming up with unimaginable ways to woo us and love us  the way we long to and need to. That’s right.  Even while you were crying your eyes out over the first boy who broke your heart because you were demanding too much, He had his arms around you waiting for you to take one glance at Him to see how precious He thought you were. Or even while you were out having some drinks with your buds trying to get over the girl who shunned you down because you were not her type, or because she only saw you as a friend, after you had publicly declared your love for her, He was there. And He has never been nearer.

The thing with Him is that while you were desiring to be someone’s bride or some pretty girl’s groom, He has been desiring to be one with you. He has been desiring to marry you, and to love you every day, even if it meant a daily sacrifice to Himself. We just don’t know how to come to a disposition of open receptivity to this kind of overwhelming love. After every heart break, we see the good in us less, we doubt our worth, and we cannot come to terms at the possibility that Someone can love us this much. But the good thing is, He is big enough to; Big enough to take your flaws, Big enough to take your pain, Big enough to take your past so that He may have you even beyond the ‘forever’ that this tangible and fleeting world can offer.

So stop looking. Stop trying to hard. Stop beating yourself up. And learn how to bask in his overflowing, unending, unconditional perfect love. Every person that comes into your life will be broken, including your future spouse. Learn to receive Christ’s love and to be at peace with how he loves you in every way. Let Him be your teacher when it comes to the life-long lesson on how to truly, authentically and freely love. Because you have to first fall in love with the perfect man in Christ so that you can go beyond the imperfections of your ‘other’. Christ’s love makes it possible for us, that even in our humanity, we can love like the Divine. It only starts with us giving our sweet ‘Yes’ to being in union with Him.

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