When God Calls

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By Erika Dignos

erika1I have been a member of a certain community for more than 9 years now.  For four years, it was solely CFC… but after the crisis in 2007, the community split and our province chose to stand as CFC-FFL or the Couples For Christ Foundation for Family and Life.
For four years straight, way back when I was in high school, I served the Lord fully, my life totally revolved only in Him and in the community.  I was so full in spirit and I know that nothing could ever break me because I have a strong God to back me up.  But everything change when I entered college and chose to study in a different province.  My service and my life in the community was really a struggle. It was like a heart that’s having a hard time beating or like a man gasping for air to breathe.  And since then, I was able to see and experience a lot of problems and as each day passes by, I knew in that I am getting weaker.  I have distance myself from God.
Like other typical Catholics, I still attend the Sunday mass and I still believe in Him, but that’s all.  I’m not that convicted like before and since then I was able to see that life was harder, and more struggles that I can’t seem to bear.  My bright days with God was suddenly gone and I saw myself walking in a dark road alone… well, that’s what I thought. But you know what? Even if I became inactive in serving God through the community, He was so faithful because He never left me. That in those times when I was walking in that dark road, He was actually holding my hands and was leading me back to the right track.  God will never let go of me.
And true enough after years of being inactive and after I graduated, God brought me to another place where I can start a new journey with Him.  I met new people who were also serving the Lord through CFC FFL. It was another blessing that God has given me.  He was guiding me back to Him, so that I can embrace Him again.
From then on, I knew that I will live my life the way God wanted it to be.  A life full of hope and with a heart that’s burning to serve the Lord.  My heart was hungry for love… it was longing to serve Him again.  All I could say is that I miss this life.  I miss everything I had back then.  I may not be with the same faces, but I am with the kind of people whose hearts are hungry to serve Him. People who are able Meet Christ and believe that life doesn’t end in just knowing Him, that there’s a greater challenge in Living Christ.  And people who accepted the mission in Sharing Christ to everyone.  I am blessed to encounter these servants.
I’ll always pray, that from now on, May I always have the strength to never let go of Him.  Because in Him, I know I can do anything.  In Him, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.  In Him, I am BLESSED.

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