What We Need is Just to Have Faith in Him

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by RJ Amar
CFC SFL District of Marbel

“I don’t need a luxurious life; all I need is to live with Jesus Christ”

RJ AmarWhat an awesome weekend it was and a memorable experience to cherish. Indeed, it was a very inspiring weekend. I was so blessed during our Committed Servants Weekend in Davao. That moment, I felt the presence of God in my life. Yes, it was a tiresome journey, not to mention our long travel, but I felt great! I met new friends and they inspired me by the way they serve this community and most especially their dedication and commitment to the Lord. I learned from our workshops new ways of evangelizing which is through the social media. I was deeply moved by Vanie’s talk and I became aware of how to properly use the social media. I am guilty because sometimes I use social media in negative ways, without me knowing that it reflects my personality. I was thankful of that because in little ways, I know now how to use the social media wisely and with discipline. I was also inspired by the sharing of my brothers using the collage activity “Who is God to you?” It was amazing that even my new brothers can now define and share their personal relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. Kuya Jepoy Meneses, our CFC-SFL International Coordinator, Vanie Rivera, FliQ Media FTW and Nike Micaller, CFC-SFL Mission Volunteer were so inspiring. Even though they came from a far place yet they never had doubts in coming here just to serve and share their experiences with us and also the never ending and never tiring effort and service of our Fulltime Worker here in Mindanao, Chloe Loquias. I am also thankful for the hospitality of the CFC Titos and Titas in Davao and for the wonderful venue we had. I was so empowered by that event. I realized that even how big our problem is, if we only seek God, we will always surpass every trial we experience. For we all know that God is greater than everything else in this world. Just don’t forget to pray (ask, listen and trust) to Him for He is the source of our power, our father and our only God, the solution to our entire problem. What we need is just to have faith in Him!

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