Walking in a Parched Land

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By Rachelle Cacas

This is a letter supposedly for myself, but I realized to share with everyone who feels the same at this very moment.

At some point, you will feel a kind of emptiness incomparable to the hunger of an unfed child and beyond the bank account of an unemployed. That kind of emptiness caused by the fullness of noise in one’s heart and mind.

I can only offer a reason I will neither consider good nor bad. You feel this kind of emptiness because of the cloudy heart and mind, clogged with sinfulness and earthly desires. You recognize the pressure from the outside and force yourself to be filled with what the world dictates you. You give what is best for their ears to hear, for their eyes to see.

You are beguiled with the sham hope people are telling you yet you are still not satisfied. Then, you get tired of doing whatever you feel is needed. You find yourself searching for something that can cure and fulfill you. You realize you have a different kind of season. You are hungry not for food, thirsty not for water.

Sometimes you would rather be the unfed and the unemployed because there are other ways to fulfill what is lacking. You work hard, feed the hunger, help the poor, and go to places you never imagined your feet would set forth. Then, in your quiet time, you will realize, is this all? Something is missing.

Why is it so hard to fulfill this kind of emptiness? Could this be about the famine of God’s Word? After my reflection this morning, I came to learn one thing, remembering the words from the SFL sisters I have.

They said, allow yourself to be emptied and let the grace of God fill that emptiness. God blesses the thirsty and the hungry. God satisfies. God’s Word nourishes the soul. To be able to see Him, will yourself to totally submit to His Word and completely trust Him.

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