Top 3 Things Prayer Does To Us

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“There is no soul which is not bound to pray, for every single grace comes to the soul through prayer.” – St. Faustina

Life’s a battle. Adulthood’s a battle, and we need to be equipped.

No soldier who goes to war marches to the battle field unprepared. A knight would have to bring his own armour, shield, and sword to keep himself alive; same with us as we face our very own struggles. Okay, we’re not knights nor soldiers; but let’s face it, each one of us faces battles every single day. We have to arm ourselves of the most powerful weapon freely given to us – prayer.

We’ve rounded up 3 things prayer does to us:

1. Softens our hearts

Cheesy as it may seem, we kind of need this in our everyday lives, especially when we’re faced with a colleague who’s just too impossible to work with, or an overbearing friend, or a significant other who’s always late for scheduled dates. Prayer gives us the courage to pray for the people who are both easy and difficult to love. And as we pray for these people, our sometimes stubborn and angry hearts significantly loves deeper.

2. Keeps us strong

Adults get peer pressured too. In fact, we face a new level of reality as we age, and convictions become a little hard to hold on to. In praying, we are reminded through the grace of the Holy Spirit that it is possible to resist these temptations, that we can soldier on through life without having to succumb to the quick fixes of life.

3. Instils hope and peace

Life can get a little overwhelming sometimes. But when we pray, we get to release baggage. We get to cry, we get to talk to Someone who listens, Someone who understands, and Someone who knows our hearts all too well. When we release our feelings, we get a sense of peace in our hearts. And as we tell the Father all these, know that He instils hope in our hearts replacing the baggage. After all, your heart has to be full – full of the Father’s mercy and love.

As what St. Ignatius of Loyola said, “we must speak to God as a friend speaks to his friend, servant to his master; now asking some favour, now acknowledging our faults, and communicating to Him all that concerns us, our thoughts, our fears, our projects, our desires, and in all things, seeking His counsel.” Pray in your happiest days. Pray in your lowest points. Pray in the driest of seasons. Pray persistently without losing heart. The Lord rejoices when we pray. He never gets exhausted, He never judges. Keep running to Him.

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