Time to Pay it Forward

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Chasty Rosequel Fabian

Where do I begin? It was easy for me to write a sharing but I find it difficult  to write my reflection in the CSW. Maybe because there are so many things that I would love to share and I have lots of realizations in this weekend.

So, I’m starting with this. God wants me to have a meaningful life, this sums up my reflection during CSW.

You don’t want a monotonous life, right? What you want is a life that’s action-packed and exciting. And that’s good news! There’s a brilliant script prepared for our life story and we start to know this script when we Meet Christ and started a personal relationship with Him!

Now, there’s a misconception that you have to ‘pause’ your life today. So. You can ‘play’ a better one in the future. But the truth is that you can really start living your life today when you MEET CHRIST, LIVE CHRIST and SHARE CHRIST.

I believe that not only are we set out to live a productive work, but were also intended to live a fruitful life with GOD. As I discern and reflect with the awesome topics during CSW, I learn how to manage my time and be able to focus on things that really matters. So, we can make every second of our life count!

In the Live Christ session, I shared about being tempted with POWER and AUTHORITY and the reality that it can hinder us to live like Christ. This is the topic that I can really relate too. Based on the nature of my work, I have observed that Pinoys are prone to have the ‘crab mentality’ trait as they aspire to have more power and authority over others. When you’re about to succeed or get ahead, you started to see this so called ‘crabs’ around you and starting to pull you down. In their minds, nobody should get ahead. They are using their power and authority even if  many people suffer. Nobody gets out ‘alive’. But for me personally, instead of pulling people down I believe that we must support and push other people forward. In every decision I make I discern and pray first and ask for guidance. My agenda is to help another person succeed and my new motto becomes ‘Nobody gets left behind.’

I am very happy to be part of the CFC SFL community most especially in serving GOD with my brothers and sisters. I try my best to help others whenever I can. People tend to succeed more when they don’t feel all alone. We just need to be there for them, to motivate and encourage them. Sometimes, offering your ‘time’ to help out already makes a lot of difference and doing this is refreshing in itself. Serving God is awesome.

I know God has given me many blessings and because of this I need to pay it forward. Using your resources to help others succeed is not only good, but satisfying. You will feel unexplainable ‘joy’ knowing that you made an impact in other people’s lives. You get a sense of fulfillment that is so much better than just accumulating riches. Don’t just strive to be a man of success, but strive to be a man who helps people achieve success.

CSW 2013 makes a big difference in life. I am so blessed and thankful to GOD. Thank you to my CFC FFL family especially to our elders and missionaries. Truly, it was a a Blessed Weekend indeed. Praise God!

‘’A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.’’-Proverbs 11:25

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