The Weekend Agenda: 7 Activities To Try Out This Weekend

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By Marion Causing, SFL Pasig

Had a rough week at work? Well, we’ve got some good news for you! Rise and shine! It’s the weekend!

I think every person who has to bust their brains off during the week days would have to agree with me that weekends are the two of the most precious days of the week (most of the time). It’s the beautiful time allotted for us to strike that well-desired balance, the two days of the week wherein we don’t have to set an alarm, listen to songs about work and paying bills, and skip breakfast to rush against the weekday traffic. So, take it easy and read through this exciting list of new activities that spell an awesome weekend!

  1. For the thrill-seeker

Solve a Mystery

Solve a Mystery         

If you’ve spent a lot of time as a kid playing those escape the room games or you’re just in for a fun, brain-wracking, competitive afternoon with your barkada or household, this is a good option for you. Choose a room, exercise teamwork, escape in about 30 mins and land yourself in the hall of fame. Are you up for the challenge?

Laser Tag

Channel your own Barney Stinson

Two words. Laser tag. 15 minutes of pure adrenaline. Best played with your barkada, household, or even your entire chapter if you dare. Get ready to feel like you’re in an action film. Hide, duck, roll, laser tag.

  1. For the art-lover

Art Lover

Sip and Gogh

If your hands are itching to create, this one is for you! Channel your inner Van Gogh and re-create paintings from scratch. Take it home with you and hang it on your living room. Believe me, you can do it.


Pinto Art Museum

If you’d rather appreciate than create, then perhaps, this is a better option for you. The Pinto Art Museum is well known for its contemporary artworks and the beautiful landscape that came with it. While you’re at it, pay a visit to their café overlooking the landscape, breathe in, breathe out, you’ll be ready to get back to work in no time.

  1. For the athlete

Soul Searcher

Join a Fun Run or a Marathon

There is nothing like exercise to restart a tired mind and body. Sounds counter-intuitive but it’s true. Sweat it out, increase your heart rate, burn some calories, and after your run, you’ll feel healthier and tougher already. Ready to fight the battle that is the week to come.

  1. For the soul-searcher


Take a Tagaytay road trip

Start the trip with a visit to the Pink Sisters, write a letter, pray for your intentions and thank God for the week that was. Eat your fill of bulalo and crispy tawilis. If you’re looking for nothing fancy and you just want to eat a yummy whole lot, try the Mahogany Market. Hang out at a place with a good view of Taal lake, preferably one with coffee so you can warm yourself while you breathe in the cold fresh air of Tagaytay and just let your mind behold the beautiful view.


Join a Weekend Mission Trip or a No One in Need Event

Sometimes the best exercise of the heart comes in the form of giving. There’s nothing more fulfilling, heart-warming, un-burdening and self-finding than seeing the smiles of strangers upon hearing the news of love. Guaranteed to calm your nerves, clear your mind, and regain your balance.

As Thomas Merton once said, “Happiness is not about intensity, but about balance, order and rhythm”. This weekend, find your balance! And don’t forget to tell us about it.

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