The Struggle of Loving

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“There is no perfect. There will always be struggle. You just need to choose who you want to struggle with.” (Before We Go, 2014)

It’s easy for us to have certain expectations of others, projecting our desires to make up for our own shortcomings and insecurities in them. We look at the other with all these sugar coated, cotton-candied ideals, and find ourselves feeling disappointed in the pits of our stomachs when we realize that they are far from what we wanted them to be.

When we see others as someone meant to bring us happiness, to bring us wholeness and completion, we’re completely discounting the person they are. The person you choose to journey with comes with so much history, so much being and so much potential that to simply see them as a means to your happiness is to box all that they can be and all that they are called to be.

Hence, when you love, know that you enter this battle to out give another because you chose to struggle with him or her in their entirety and in whatever circumstances they come along with. It is exactly the same with the One who loves you more than anything else that chooses to struggle with you in your imperfections.

You were His choice, and He will choose you over and over again if He had to, for His love will never be boxed by your imperfections.

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