The Right Time to Say Yes!

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Gerald Peter de Guzman
Mission Volunteer

Gerald de GuzmanWhen ever I go to Baguio, I am always captivated by its beauty and mysteries. The first time I came to this place, was when I was very young. I fell in love with the place – because of nature surrounded the city, the pine trees shrouded the streets, and its coldness freezes time for you to appreciate the place more. It was amazing but – when I returned to Baguio last year; after almost 17 years, I was surprised on how it has changed so rapidly. Establishments now standing here and there, the smell of pine trees no longer envelopes the city, and worst of all, traffic jam was all around. I begun to wonder what happened, and promised myself not to return to this place anymore so it would not ruin my memory of a beautiful Baguio.

But God has a different purpose…

September 23 of this year, He called me back to this place again for a mission. It was for an ocular to find a venue for North Luzon’s CSW. I accompanied Sis. Joey Oliva a FTPW for SFL as an active discernment for Mission Volunteer work. We got arrived at 3 in the morning, was hosted by a cool Tito and Tita, and joined an enthusiastic Family day. But, the best gift we could receive that day was a venue for the CSW. Indeed God was so gracious that He led his holy spirit to guide us to a place secluded by nature, hidden from the busyness of the city, and a place for us to enjoy the breath-taking landscapes and scenery of Baguio. He led us to a place where we were all astonished by its majesty and grandeur. There were no security guards standing in front of the gate, and most of all, no people to disturb you for some peace and quiet time with the Lord. Praise God! We found a venue for the CSW.

We came back a month later to held the CSW itself. Then again, I am returning to a place where I don’t want to go back!

This time, Baguio welcomed me with open arms, embraced my foolishness, and waves its arms to a new Mission Volunteer, me.

The North Luzon’s CSW was held at CICM Maryhurst Seminary, last October 27 and 28, 2012. We were able to gather 30 participants from Tarlac, Baguio, and Metro Manila.The CSW was an empowering experience both for the service team and the participants as well. Powerful talks were given by great speakers for us to understand the theme. Which was, “Meet Christ, Live Christ, Share Christ.” That weekend each and everyone of us really got to meet, live, and share Christ in our own special way. We even had a very beautiful bonfire on the night of the 27th. We had this bonfire because, the gates are strictly closed at 10pm, and single people wanted to have fun even after hours. During the bonfire, songs and stories were exchanged between brothers and sisters which bonded us more and deepened our friendship even better. It was fun and at the same time calming for the senses. After the CSW, Each and every household servants were renewed and ready to take new challenges ahead of them. I for one was changed during that weekend. The “hate” that I have for the place was turned to excitement. I got to experienced Baguio, get in touched with its locals and most of all, fell in love.

Last year I was in Tarlac to share my experiences on being planted, rooted, and bearing fruit. This time, Baguio welcomed me with open arms, embraced my foolishness, and waves its arms to a new Mission Volunteer, me.

As I look forward to a new year of service, I will let God works His miracles on me throughout the area. Whether in Baguio, Tarlac, or anywhere else in North Luzon. I’ll be ready meeting Christ in the most unexpected way, living Christ the best way I can, And finally sharing Christ in every place I go.

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