The Power of Prayer

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By Che Deluso
CFC SFL Iloilo

che delusoHow do you describe a feeling that’s so overwhelming? Like a feeling of overflowing love?

March 2013, I’ve asked God what His plans are for my life. What He wants me to do? All my life, I’ve been praying and asking God for so many things. A lot of times He had answered those prayers. I don’t know how it works but to me one thing is certain, “My prayers have been answered because of my Faith in Him.”

In the WSC 2013, God has affirmed me of many things. I have this dream of becoming an Event Organizer. And in an unexpected way God answered my prayers by giving CFC SFL Iloilo “The Most Organized Delegation Award” in the World Singles Congress. I know that God hears every prayer that I have and I am sure that He is also making my dreams come true at the same time. Like a Father giving His child what her hearts desire is, God is making my dreams into a reality. Receiving that simple certificate in the SFL event makes a big difference in my life.

I believe that the Lord is preparing something good for my life and for the lives of the people I love. I’ve been asking and praying something from Him these past few months and I know that if the Lord wills it, it will definitely happen.

In times of worship, I caught myself smiling because I’ve felt God’s presence and assurance that He is in control. The Lord is my promise keeper and eventually my prayers will be answered by Him.

If I were to describe the feelings that I have, it was overwhelming and overflowing. I have experienced God in my life and He continuously reminded me of His great love. I still have many uncertainties in my life, but if we just believe in the power of our prayers, surely in God’s own time and in His mysterious ways, it will surely be answered. All we need is to have FAITH! =)

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