The Power of God’s Love

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by Mimie Guino
CFC SFL District of Marbel

Mimie GuinoWalking with God is the best adventure, finding God is the best achievement and having God as a companion is the best source of happiness. Indeed, God is everything to me now! For the past year, I have attended different SFL teachings and activities and yet God never failed to bless me. I am always reminded of God’s love in everything I do while serving this community.

This year’s Committed Servants Weekend was another great encounter with God. Again, I was blessed! God allowed me to experience His goodness through my brothers and sisters in this community. He showed me how to appreciate simple little things in life. Seeing my brothers and sisters so excited and looking forward to this event made me just so happy. Who would have thought almost all of us from SFL Polomolok went to experience and be powered up in this year’s Committed Servants’ Weekend? Neither money nor time became a hindrance for all of us in joining SFL activities like this. As the saying goes, “If there’s a will, there’s a way”. Faith works wonders, indeed! Our first session about God- being the Power Source, reminded me of the things that I should be thankful for always. God provided us with everything we need in life, our families, friends and even enemies were given to us by God purposely. All we need to do is to acknowledge and embrace everything that God has showered us. Having that power source from God will always protect us from all evils. We just need to continuously seek God in every area of our lives.

Mimie Guino“The power of God is not manifested in the way we live, but by the way we behave” – says Fr. Allan, our speaker for Session #2. God gave us the world for us to enjoy His wonderful blessings but sometimes human as we are tend to be more aggressive with it. Money, authority and popularity made us feel like being superior to others without knowing that these would disconnect us from the source and make us powerless. Worries, feeling of unworthiness, failures and disappointments have been with me through these years. Giving up is always easy but it is only through my faith in God that I was able to sustain my life’s greatest challenge. As what Fr. Allan said, “Even though you have experienced the power of God, doesn’t mean you will not be shaken”. Yes, very true! The more we get closer to God, the more we will be tested. The more we serve God, the more trials will come along our way. No one is perfect in this world. We make mistakes. We lose hope on things we think that are impossible to happen. We look for earthly things that we think can satisfy us. But, if we only stay connected to God, our life wouldn’t be misdirected. We will gain more power and strength to surpass every difficulty in life. This session just made my tears fall and it reminded me to continuously reconnect to the power source through thick and thin, that my prayer life should be my priority above all things. Surrendering everything to Him will make life even better because it is only through Him that we will feel satisfied.

Indeed, there is nothing impossible with God. He is the source of everything. He makes us strong and gives us power to live life to the fullest. And through the help of the Holy Spirit, we can truly power up and will be able to tell the world His good news and share how our faith in God, changed us. Who I am and what I do right now is all because of God. I surpassed every trial I encountered while serving in this community because of God. He has blessed me with all the courage to face every circumstance I had and will be having as I walk through the path, to the way of Jesus. Being a servant leader is not an easy task but serving God is the only way I think I can bring back all the glory to Him. I remember the plenary session given to us by Sis Vanie, about the new ways of evangelization through the social media. I had this feeling before of “being ashamed” to what my facebook timeline would look like if I post, like and share God’s word. I was thinking of what the people will say to me once they read it on my wall. I was worried of their judgement to me. I was afraid that people would tell me things like, “I will only believe what you are saying, if I see a great change on you.” Well, that hurts a little bit. But that didn’t stop me from realising greater things than my worries. As I was listening to the speaker, I just said to myself, “I should be more ashamed to God because I failed to tell the whole world how blessed I am to have Him.” The more I am eager to make a stand right now, to be proud where my faith has put me through. He is the only reason why we live today. He is the only One and True God. We are called to bring Christ to everyone in this world. Dare to make a stand and BE POWERED UP! Once we have decided to follow His footsteps, there should be NO TURNING BACK! May God bless us all! 

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