The Kingdom of the Lord is Alive

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By Felmea Niñez Aujero Mercado
CFC SFL, District of Cagayan De Oro

Felmea MercadoOften times we ponder on the thought of eternal life, whether it is true or it is not. Even in the old golden days, there are a lot of hypothesis regarding this matter. Should we believe and have faith? Should we just disregard all of the things around us? Or perhaps maybe we should set every single doubt aside and focus on the philosophy of divine intervention?

We are nothing but pilgrims in this world. We come and we go in an endless cycle and nothing is ever constant as death. No one knows for certain what will become of us. From birth what is bestowed upon us is God’s grace. If you’re wondering what this might be, it is LIFE itself. We are destined to be somebody one way or another.

As we grow older, we become skeptic of what life really is. We tend to ask a lot of questions. Those kind of questions where the answers lie within our faith. If we go back in time due to our will in wanting to unravel what is what and what really is there, we might be surprised with the rejoinder that will greet us. People back then has a strong bond with the unseen dimension. The divine world where no one has ever seen, yet they’ve felt the unspeakable happiness one could never explain.

Cynical as we may be, one thing for sure is something we could never negate. It is the very fact of ordinary miracle that happens every single minute of the day of our existence. We breathe in and breathe out the air that surrounds us. To be able to wake up each morning and be with the ones we love; our family, friends and that special someone is a miracle we must cherish and must be thankful with.

God loves us regardless of who we are. After all WE are HIS greatest creation. The unconditional love he bequeathed us, that even after our countless sins and mistakes he is still there taking us under His love and care. Each time we meet someone, some stranger perhaps, we must instill in our mind that it is God’s creation we are facing and it is not for us to judge them. Instead, we must learn to accept what and who they are for just like us, they are molded in God’s own delicate hands.

Now even as we still wonder whatever is there after death, there’s only one truth. And that is the Kingdom that we are looking for is alive deep within the walls of our very own faith and heart.

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