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Defining Missionary 24/7

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By Karen Garcia
CFC SFL Laguna

Karen Garcia

Well, this year had been a blessing for me. It all started when I attended my 1st WSC in Batangas this year. In the said congress, I heard God’s affirmation to me once again that “ Greater things have yet to come“. This is my favorite God’s message since my YFL days. And truly enough, God fulfilled it months after. When the month of April came, I served on a CLS on our Chapter. Though it was for Couples and Handmaids only, I enjoyed it for I had been an inspiration for the participants that attended on that CLS.

Then came September, a week after the South Luzon CSW 2014 in Cavite, I served another CLS, but this time, its our cluster-wide CLS for SFL. Even though lacked of service team serving on that CLS, we’ve been all strengthened by our chosen theme & Bible verse (Theme: BRAVE, Bible verse: Mt. 14:27). Pinatunayan namin ito dahil naging successful ang CLS namin after all the struggles we’ve went through.

When October came, we spearheaded our 2nd Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC) seminar on one of our neighboring barangay of our parish/chapter. I was one of the service team that served on that LCSC. And truly God blessed this activity so much, that despite all of the service team had been drained from the preparations down to the execution on the day itself, it been so successful like our 1st LCSC we held last May. And finally, when November came, I served on the LivePure Forum that we led on our parish, along with other YFL’s and SFL’s (with of course the assistance of our CFC FFL titos & titas). And the feeling during that LivePure Forum was unexplainable, because all of the participants that attended the forum had been inspired by the talks given, and to see them happy is an achievement for us in the whole team.

Inspite of all the activities that passed by which tested my strength on serving God, I came to a realization that: “Lahat kayang gawin sa lakas ng Diyos” (conviction taken from WYC 2011). And because of all the activities that passed by, I thanked the Lord for the gift of service He had given me. No wonder I’ve made the right decision to upgrade my service from YFL to SFL 2 years ago. And because of that decision I’ve made, blessings are coming unexpectedly as I serve the community.

This is what really meant by our conviction “Missionary 24/7”. In everything that God is giving us to do, don’t be afraid to accept it, no matter what circumstances, doubts or fears may come to hinder our way to serve God. We are all just imperfect persons loved by a perfect God.

And also, don’t expect that God will give what you want immediately. But rather, expect the unexpected present that God will give us in the future.

And always remember that prayer is the key for us to accomplish God’s plan for us.  

The God Who Never Abandons Me

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By Merinice Daniel
CFC SFL Ozamis
Merinice Daniel

I think every SFL has experienced midlife crisis. Mine started when I quit my 3 banking jobs for 5 years. Since then, I’m hesitant to work for another office job. I might end up quitting again if I feel unhappy about it. So I’ve been broke for almost 3 years now. And throughout those years I had have a lot of thoughts about how blessed I was when I still have a job like you can buy anything you want, have so much fun with your friends, and treated so special by your family. On the other hand, I also thought about how God had forsaken me when I became jobless like you can’t even afford to buy a single meal, ignored by many of your friends, and feeling worthless at home. Yes! I’ve been feeling insecure, indecisive and scared. My depression affected my health physically and psychologically. I’m no longer confident to lead SFL-Ozamiz because the more I put so much time and effort in the community, the more I get lost.

I would end up working in the community instead of serving the Lord. At home, I can no longer handle the pressure from my family telling me to get a stable job and get married soon before I reach 30. I know what I don’t want but I don’t know what I really want for my life. So then I have no more plans in my life.

Thanks to my beloved family, my true friends, and my CFCFFL family who help me to pick up the pieces of me. Because of them I still believe that God will never abandon me. The truth, I abandoned Him. I doubted God. Those years of uncertainties made me realize too that God shows His love not just in the form of joy and glory but also in the form of pain and defeat. It is when you are broken that God completes you. I should have known this from the very beginning because for so many times that I’ve been broken, for so many times too that God makes me whole again. Those years of famine in my life made me realize of my mistakes – my arrogance and ungratefulness when I still have the best things in the world. But honestly, I get the best things in life during the worst in my life.

Now that I passed the LET which I never plan in the first place, God is telling me that He will plan for me when I don’t know what to do in my life anymore, and if I have, His plans would be far greater than mine. Becoming a teacher someday would be a fresh start for me and I know this is part of God’s plans for me to start over a faithful journey with Him.

Greatness Made in Heaven

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Rachelle Grace Cacas
CFC SFL Baguio

Rachelle Casas

I am Rachelle from SFL Baguio. There may be days of my ups and downs but I believe I am marked for greatness.

Two weeks before the CSW, I committed to attend without letting my brothers and sisters in Baguio know about it. I was so firm that I would. It was my sweet escape from the world. Meeting new friends, being with my brothers and sisters again meant so much happiness. Nothing could make me change my mind; however, deep inside of me my worries were holding me back.Two days before leaving for Bataan, the firmness and excitement I felt were slowly fading. But there was something more behind my worries.

I work as a researcher for a local TV station in Manila for almost eight months now. My eight months here brought different seasons to my life. The stress and pressure one feels behind every production, the joy one experiences with the new crowd, the many places one travels, etc. I was happy. Well, I thought I was happy. It was overwhelming. It was a pretty tiring job. Nakakapagod, sobra sobra. Many times I leave the office late and travel to Pasig where I stay. Lucky to have a two or three-hour sleep. Always skipping meals, making me more skinny and bony. Anak ng 7-Eleven, ampon ng iba’t ibang fast-food chains. Bukod sa pagod at gutom, I felt lost. Lalo na nung namatay ‘yung lolo ko last July which really made me feel worse. Where was I when he died? I was doing an ocular-surveillance. I was at WORK. It was so frustrating. I was in deep regret. A week before, I told Daddy to wait for me. Kaso hindi na niya ako nahintay. Pagkatapos ng libing niya, balik agad sa trabaho. Naging pabaya ako, hindi lamang sa sarili ko, kundi pati sa pamilya at mga kaibigan. My work was taking so much of my time, of me. I became tired. I am tired. Burnout. Ever thought about resigning? Yes. For the past few days I was posting status updates about being tired and all. My friends in the office were asking me about what was going on with me. I kept denying it was not about work. What plans do I have? None. Where am I heading? I am afraid I might find myself in regret. I was asking God, praying to speak to me. Lord, saan mo ako gustong pumunta? What do you want me to do?

So Friday came, I still have not asked my executive producer if I can go. My partner had to work and shoot alone for three days. Oopsie. Lagot. Pero hindi ako sobrang kinabahan sa sasabihin nila. That time I was thinking, “Hey, I deserve to have this break. Let me break free.” So I did. Lakas ng loob, ‘di ba? I traveled to Bataan and stayed overnight in Tito Abel’s place in Mariveles. On my way to Bataan, my boss was calling and sending me messages. I replied to one of his messages, “Kuya, may activity po ako ngayon.”‘ (Actually, hindi ko alam kung nasend ko talaga siya.) Again, I was worried. But there was something inside of me, telling me that I have to let go. Even just for two days. I knew God was calling me for me to rest. I could hear Him say, “Anak, halika. Magpahinga ka sa piling ko. Gusto mong umiyak? Nandito lang ako. Hinihintay kita.”

Saturday morning came and everyone was excited. The venue was peaceful and so calming. Sobrang saya at excited to see old and new faces. Parang buong weekend ata may nakaplaster na ngiti sa mukha ko, a genuine smile. It was really amazing but why was my heart throbbing so fast? Kinakabahan ako. Natatakot ako. Hindi ko talaga maipaliwanag. Will I be able to have all the answers I have been looking for? Before the first session, Kuya Arvin told us when we feel like God is talking to us, lumapit lang sa kanya and he’ll give us the time to share God’s word. What does God want to tell me? At that moment I was really trying not to think too much. When our morning worship began, I was still nervous, my heart was beating so fast. Then it struck me. I felt the urge of going in front to let all hear what God wants to say every time there was a chance. But my knees were shaking, my tongue tied. So I let it go. Sige, mamaya. Ako na magsasalita. Ang kaso, hanggang sa matapos ang Day 2, hindi ko na nakuha ang chance na iyon. I told myself, sige. Baka this is not the time yet.

Throughout the sessions, I only had two things from Him. Two days, two realizations, one life verse.

Firstly, the CSW reminded me of that scene where Jesus went to Gethsemane with some of his disciples to pray. Even if he was with others, he isolated himself and prayed and talked to our Father. He was weary and afraid. And he said to the Father, “Take this cup from me. Yet not what I will, but what you will.” This is the point where Jesus surrenders it all to our Father. At this point of my life, I am deeply troubled, emotionally distraught. I am physically and mentally tired of the things happening around me. I want to leave work for my family. I want to stay closer to them so I can take care of them myself. I want to go back to Baguio and serve. I want to take control of my life, be the only person behind the steering wheel. Ang kaso, di ko kayang ibigay lahat kay Lord. Natatakot ako na kapag hindi ko ginawa ang lahat, I might become a failure. It all boils down to my insecurities. Heaven’s here but I have been blinded by my insecurities and weaknesses. Konting kibot lang, aayaw na. I am guilty and a fool. Truly I am. My faith is lacking. I am missing the point that I am strong because Christ is in me. Through the stories and lessons I learned during the sessions, I am able to be like Jesus. Dropping on my knees, focusing all of my attention to God. I seek for forgiveness, for healing and guidance. I do not have plans for my future, do not have anything but my faith. Not my will, Lord, but Yours.

Second, I realized God is knocking and I keep on shutting him down. Again, my fears has had me holding back. My uncertainty has gone to the highest level. I am only twenty-three, young and energetic but I do not know where I am going. I do not know where God wants me to be. This time I am really not sure of myself whether I am for single-blessedness or for religious vocation. God is calling me not just to rest for the weekend but for more. I know He is calling me but which way do I go? I can hear but not listen. That is why, in writing this story, I also want to ask for your prayers. I will not push myself for anything less and unlikely circumstances. Not my will, Lord, but Yours.

Maybe this long (written) story is the reason why I was not able to share His message to all of you during the CSW. Maybe my story is not only meant to be heard by and shared to SFL North Luzon. It is not my will to share this story here, but His will. I am made for so much more. I am marked for greatness. Greatness made in heaven.

God Never Gives Up

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Inil Ambion
CFC SFL Cavite


This is God’s message to me during the CSW. Let me just tell you first how I got the message. I hope this will reach everyone.

Umpisa pa lang ng video na ipinakita ni Kuya EJ naiiyak na ako (at the start of the video that Kuya EJ showed, I was already crying). Hindi ko alam kung bakit (I don’t know why). I was troubled by the messages, talk, and sharing. But during the worship after the first talk, I don’t understand why I was smiling (kinikilig pa). I felt joy. First time kung mag-worship nang ganon kasaya. Sinabi ko na lang, “This is the HAPPIEST moment of my life. This is HEAVEN.” Then during the missing the mark assessment, I asked myself, “Have I been through my worst?” And yes, I am.

Pero hindi ko pa rin maintindihan kung ano ang nais sabihin ni Lord sa’kin, kung bakit random yung thoughts ko at random yung feelings (But I still do not know what the Lord is telling me, there are random thoughts and feelings). But this morning, everything became clear. After I read the scriptures for this day, God spoke to me. I was so thankful not because he has spoken, but because of the realizations. I was so grateful that God is with me; that God planned my life this way; that God chose me as his servant; that he helps and guides me throughout this journey. I CAN’T IMAGINE MY LIFE WITHOUT GOD. God has said: In John 3:16, replace the word ‘world’ with YOUR NAME to make it more personal. “For GOD so loved INIL that he gave his only begotten son.” With this love, we are saved. Where do you see yourself if God has not loved you? What to fear if God has saved you not just once, but several times? God is saving you everyday of your life. God has saved you during the worst day of your life. So what is it to fear? God never gives up. BELIEVE! TRUST! HAVE FAITH.

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