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Arlou Carampatana

God Fuels My Mission

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By Arlou Carampatana
CFC SFL Kabankalan

My 2 days park with our Lord last CSW has brought me more closer and inspired me about missions because He has shown me His grace. No matter how many times I may fail or have forgotten and loss my sight, (sometimes due to worldly engagement of busy days), He has always been there for me. He consistently sends people to pursue me again and again and again, and be captured by His love. He wants to win us back and embrace us. He sent chosen people to us (like Ananias and Barnabas in our time) to help us fight a good fight, to give us strength and courage in times that we are low. They motivate us in finishing the race, leading us to be open to missions and keeping the faith like what Christ did to Saint Paul.

That we may reach towards the end of the earth. To the ends of the earth for me is my workplace where I was called to serve in our office and outside our areas of District in Negros Occidental, in areas and parishes of the Diocese of Kabankalan, in our household meetings and in CFC SFL community. My mission also includes the most nearest persons beside my heart and to the next Timothy that the Lord may send me to again – to pass the inspiration to others.

He refuels us always because His Grace is unlimited. I could always park anytime and ask the Lord to give us his fuel again – His Holy Spirit, freely given, freely driven, and freely to shared his blessings. I SAY YES to his calling and dedicate myself for the rest of my life in this greater cause to bring others and more people more closer to JESUS – to our home, our families, and my future family also. I thank you Lord for the CFC SFL Community because through this community, I’m growing through serving.  I’m driven by His grace and will go on this long joy ride with the Lord even in pain, together with the persons sends me wherever He may lead me.

I really appreciated the venue, RETREAT FORMATION CENTER that serves our gasoline station. This is my second time in Iloilo for a retreat. I also dream as well to have it in our place. Retreat Center is necessary to keep us recharged in Spirit and to have time with the Lord’s voice inside our heart. Thank you again for preparing the CSW, the service team and to our missionaries.

May there be more missionaries to serve our brothers and sisters. May we all be missionaries in our local areas, in our home and towards others. To Saint Paul the Apostle of Christ and our missionary model, teach us, pray for us, and lead us to the Lord.

Rich in Mercy

Updated: CFC FFL Community Prayer 2016

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Almighty Father, in the richness of your mercy you sent your own Son Jesus into the world to suffer and die for us. As you did not spare your own Son, we confidently look to your granting us everything else besides. May your mercy and grace be always upon us.

Lord Jesus Christ, you told us to be merciful just as our Father is merciful. You showed us the way to mercy when on the cross you forgave those who crucified you. Such divine mercy is very challenging for us. Only in you and through your grace in our lives can we ever hope to be channels of mercy to others. Jesus, we trust in you.

Holy Spirit, help us to understand the mystery of divine mercy. Help us to forgive those who trespass against us. Help us to love our enemies. Help us to love and care for the poor. Enable us to effectively proclaim the gospel of God’s mercy. Show us the way to holiness unto the Lord.

Mama Mary, full of grace and Mother of mercy, guide us in the way we are to go, and keep us in your loving embrace always.


Ritchel Delfin

Your Will, Your Way, Always

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Ritchel Delfin
CFC SFL Finland

Attending conferences is one of my vows in showing my gratitude to our Almighty God for all the blessings and graces He has given and still doing for me. Each conference that I attend to brought thousand blessings in my favor. However, this year’s CFC-FFL European Mega Conference gives me a quiet different level of blessings.

The Mega Conference was splendid and I had a wondrous blissful experience. I never imagined that after the mega conference I would encounter the toughest problem in my entire life. I felt helpless, wounded and betrayed. I almost want to quit from the community to be honest. It was so hard for me to do my service while carrying a heavy burden in my heart. Mahirap po pla magserve kay God kung meron kang mabigat na personal problem. Pero nagpakatatag po ako and I prayed harder. It was not easy and I never understood it. There were times that I felt alone. Minsan naiisip ko po kung totoo ba talaga ang pangyayari or baka nananaginip lang ako. But of course, it was real. I have to embrace it and need to pray even more.

During those times, God was my only consolation and strength. My only prayer was that may God give me the wisdom to understand the whole situation and maipakita po nya sa akin ang kagandahang maidudulot ng pinagdadaanan ko. Eventhough it was so hard, there was no other way out than to deal and find solution in my problem. Pagkatapos ko pong nagawa yung mga dapat kong gawin,  I surrendered everything to God. I let go and let God.

At this moment, there is no closure regarding my problem. But one thing is for sure: I know God is with me and as the song goes, “ it will be my joy to say, your will, your way, always.”

I know time will come that everything will be back in normal. In time, I only need to trust fully in Him. As I reflected on this, I realized that God has CHOSEN me to experience this BROKENNESS in order for me to be GIVEN away. This is His way of shaping me and letting know the world how GREAT and AWESOME HE IS.

I am still here, standing firm, ready to do His will, no matter what it takes. Thank you Lord for this experience. To God Be the Glory!

Tiffany Dayon

Chosen to be Blessed, Broken to be Changed, Given for the World

Written by Jepoy Meneses on . Posted in Sharing

By Tiffany Dayon
CFC SFL Denmark

It all started when I said Yes to God on my first World Singles Congress in the Philippines way back 2013. I never knew what God asked from me back then; I just commit myself upon saying a Big Yes to whatever it was. It happened when we had our last worship and the song “To the ends of the earth” was the climax of our prayer when all of a sudden the electricity went off and everything gets dark yet every single soul kept on praising Him and shouting these lines: “Jesus I believe in You and I will go to the ends of the earth…”

Yes! Everything was His plan from the very beginning of my faith journey. He has chosen and sent me here in Europe for a reason and out of the willingness of my heart, I obeyed His will, for I know He loves me and everything He does is for my welfare and not for my woe (Jer. 29:11).

CFC FFL Europe Conference 2015I never had imagined that I could be one of the CFC SFL delegates in the last Mega Conference in Prague. It was an awesome experience ever! It reminded me of how God has been faithful to me. I was CHOSEN to be blessed. As what Ate Maricar said we are His favorites! That I am special in His eyes no matter how unfaithful, unloving, selfish, stubborn and sinful I am in so many ways.

Weeks before the conference, I was indeed very BROKEN because of my wrong choices in life. The sin of others, my sins and things uncontrolled were the reasons of my suffering and the only way to a complete freedom is forgiveness. I’ve forgiven them and most especially myself. For in every suffering there’s a reason behind and a chance to change the ways of the heart.

And because I am blessed and been broken, I have been GIVEN away for others. That I will not keep the secret of a happy life alone for myself. Others need the love of Christ too and I can do something.

I have never been unloved by my Father in heaven, and that’s why I ought to love other people by serving them through my time, talent and treasure. Through it, I may fulfill the purpose God has for me and that is to be like Him, to serve His people and go to the ends of the earth, telling everybody how much God have loved them… loved us… all of us!!

And one day… we’ll stand together and witness His Glory! Singing praises of holy, holy, holy!

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