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Chapter Teaching And Household Topics for November 2014 are Now Available

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One gift that God has given us when we became CFC SFL members was to be part of a community with which we could seek support in our spiritual journey. As we became part of this community, we share in it being a part of the one body being built up in Christ.

God put us where we are for a purpose He desires to make happen through us. We realize that we have been called to the CFC SFL community for a purpose: to live a new life in Christ through loving Him and others, to be part of a community of servants wherein everyone lives for others and makes their gifts available for everyone, and to be part of the community’s one mission in bringing Christ to the world.

Download the November 2014 Topics Here

Chapter Teaching And Household Topics for October 2014 are Now Available

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Starting last March to September, we tacked the different topics in the Christian Personal Relationship teaching of our community. This month, we are starting the first topic of the Living as a People of God teaching track.

There are many different groups, organizations and movements around but what makes us in CFC SFL different from most is that we are a community of single men and women who are committed in striving to have a personal relationship with God and live out a covenant with Him daily. From this commitment stems our commitment to one another as brothers and sisters in one family. We have committed ourselves to God first and then to one another when we joined this community and signed our CFC SFL covenant, very much like the early Christian communities described in Acts 2:43-47. Theirs was a culture of love and generosity which lead to unity.

Download the Chapter Teaching and Household Topics for October here.

God Never Gives Up

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Inil Ambion
CFC SFL Cavite


This is God’s message to me during the CSW. Let me just tell you first how I got the message. I hope this will reach everyone.

Umpisa pa lang ng video na ipinakita ni Kuya EJ naiiyak na ako (at the start of the video that Kuya EJ showed, I was already crying). Hindi ko alam kung bakit (I don’t know why). I was troubled by the messages, talk, and sharing. But during the worship after the first talk, I don’t understand why I was smiling (kinikilig pa). I felt joy. First time kung mag-worship nang ganon kasaya. Sinabi ko na lang, “This is the HAPPIEST moment of my life. This is HEAVEN.” Then during the missing the mark assessment, I asked myself, “Have I been through my worst?” And yes, I am.

Pero hindi ko pa rin maintindihan kung ano ang nais sabihin ni Lord sa’kin, kung bakit random yung thoughts ko at random yung feelings (But I still do not know what the Lord is telling me, there are random thoughts and feelings). But this morning, everything became clear. After I read the scriptures for this day, God spoke to me. I was so thankful not because he has spoken, but because of the realizations. I was so grateful that God is with me; that God planned my life this way; that God chose me as his servant; that he helps and guides me throughout this journey. I CAN’T IMAGINE MY LIFE WITHOUT GOD. God has said: In John 3:16, replace the word ‘world’ with YOUR NAME to make it more personal. “For GOD so loved INIL that he gave his only begotten son.” With this love, we are saved. Where do you see yourself if God has not loved you? What to fear if God has saved you not just once, but several times? God is saving you everyday of your life. God has saved you during the worst day of your life. So what is it to fear? God never gives up. BELIEVE! TRUST! HAVE FAITH.

I am Marked for Greatness

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by Francis M. Ellazar
CFC SFL District of Laguna

Francis Ellazar

The message of God for me was so clear since day one of the Committed Servants Weekend 2014. Most of the time, I settle for the second best, in all aspects of life: Work, Service to God, etc. because of doubts and fears. I mean, there are bigger opportunities coming to me but I just let them go, because I have doubts in myself. I always fear if I’ll be able to do it and me having the second best, felt like something’s missing.

The first message for me was on the quote of CS Lewis. “If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.” I am created to be in heaven. I am created to long for heaven. Therefore, I should go for the gold. The second message was on the second session, “Heaven is present in suffering…” That was the only words I wrote on my kit and I was struck by it. I will find heaven in suffering so I must stop complaining and start praying. Start seeking God in these trials and challenges that I am experiencing.

I am reminded that I, being His child, deserve the best. I deserve to feel the foretaste of heaven here on earth. I was so inspired by the speakers and sharer on how they have felt heaven in everyday of their lives. And I’m excited to share my own experience of heaven on earth. As a pop song says, “I’ll take my paradise on earth (hey yeah)…” I will claim heaven on earth as I travel with my brothers and sisters to our home, heaven. I am Francis M. Ellazar, from SFL-Laguna and I am Marked for Greatness.

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