Sailing Towards My Vocation

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A Sharing by Dhei Puoayan from SFL Pasig
“Never stop dreaming until you reach the horizons that God has prepared for you and there, new dreams will be made by you and the Father.”

The concept of the horizon amazes me. Imagine. The horizon is where the heaven and earth meet- the limit of what is possible. As for me, it is where my dreams are. Let me share to you my story.

I am a graduate of BSBA major in internal auditing. Ever since I got into college, I knew I made a wrong decision by taking up the course that I didn’t really want. I was thinking of shifting into another course but I felt that everything would be put into waste. I can still remember that moment when I told my friend just a few months before my graduation that I was sure that I won’t last long in a corporate world. He asked me what I wanted to do, but I couldn’t answer because I still didn’t know what I really wanted to do with my life or the direction that God wants me to go to.

A few days after my graduation, I was blessed to have a regular position in a good company as an accounting assistant. However, I found that everything was routinary and personally, I didn’t find it life giving. There was no room for professional growth so I decided to leave. Shortly after, I was blessed to have an internal audit position in another prominent company but still, I couldn’t find or feel the fulfillment in what I was doing. I was not happy.

It was during that moment when God made it clear before me the path that he wanted me to take. The desire to help children through teaching burns inside my heart. I talked to my parents about it, filed my resignation and enrolled for the certification for professional education for me to be able to take the Licensure Examination for teachers.

To cut the long story short, I am now preparing for the board exams this coming September. Do I have regrets? No, I am happy. In fact, very happy!

While preparing for the boards, I do part time tutoring and the joy that I get from teaching the kids give my heart so much fulfillment and happiness. Yes it’s tiring. Yes, it doesn’t make that much money. But, I guess, doing what you love is something that helps your heart grow. I can still remember a line from a retreat that I attended last 2014 which said, “kapag yung passion mo ay nakaka-contribute sa society, ‘yun ang vocation mo.”
Today, I am sailing towards that horizon, my vocation, that I believe God has prepared for me. And as I reach that same horizon that my eyes saw from the shore, another dream will be made by me and my Father. Do what makes you happy. Do what you love the most. Dreaming is reaching the limit of what is possible!

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