Reminded by His Love

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By Precious Arce
CFC SFL Laguna

Precious Arce“Jesus said to her, “Mary”. She turned and said to him, Rabboni.”

I was overwhelmed by how he called me and said to me, “I loved you then and I love you now, child.” He gave me the gift of Meet, Live and Share Christ Committed Servants Weekend to reiterate his message to me which was the same message when I first met him. “You are Destined”

The CSW Destined last 2010, was a memorable experience of meeting Christ through His acceptance of me being a sinner. I was strucked by the two edge sword of God through all of the talks of the Destined CSW. All of it was characterizing my life of being unfaithful and disobedience. I was singled out by how he emphasized and pictured out my sins, but despite of all these, He is a forgiving God and a loving God. He melted my heart to kneel down to ask for forgiveness and be called to another way of purity and living the way of Life of Jesus.

MLS Christ CSW was another surprised from Him. I was called to proclaim my sins and give my conviction of his unending love through his merciful reconciliation with me. I was blessed and forgiven. I met Christ once again for he pointed me out and called me to be the witness for the struggle that I once had. The struggle that I was hiding and very ashamed of. Never did I imagined that this dirt would be a strength from him. This weakness ignited the light of my faith. MLS Christ brought back the first time that I met him, that my hindrances during the CSW Destined was affirmed by the Lord through the MLS Christ to be the cross of salvation and proclamation of his greatness in my life. I could have been just listening to the sharings and talks, but it was me right in front of Him, right at his very presence. My sharing during meet Christ talk is the same sharing that I bursted out to him through the sacrament of reconciliation last CSW Destined, but he chose me and guided me for this MLS Christ to cry out his truth. He said, “You need not hide the light but expose it so as others would know me more.” This is my way of glorifying you, Oh Lord, my way of freedom in Jesus’ name.

The CSW 2012 became an affirmation, that I am healed and equipped by his mercy and grace. The wounds from the past were healed and I saw His plan unfolding right before my very eyes. You planned everything from the start that I was thirsty of your forgiveness when I met you and this time of meeting you again, I was freed and felt you’re immense love for me. You connected every dot and fixed the sequences of events right where I was sitting before the CSW 2010 and right where I was standing at the MLS Christ CSW. You’ve called me from the very start and echoed this call last MLS Christ CSW.

I was in tears while worshipping Him. Not because of the recollection of my struggles and hurts but because through His nailed hands I overcame those struggles through His name. The tears became my armor for it is all about His love. So much love that I can feel how He became the promise to my life and my service. The way He started my journey was the same way how He reminded me of it. The Destined CSW and the MLS Christ is somewhat an ambigram of His message to me. “You are where God wants you to be. Every experience is a part of his Divine Plan” (MLS Christ CSW) was equated to his echoing message of “You are destined, everything is not an accident” (Destined CSW).

More than this, I felt my Galillee – forgiveness, I saw my Galillee – Tagaste Retreat Center, I experienced myGalillee Destined CSW.

We are called by name, and we are destined to live a life of Christ and share how he became the pilot of our lives. Respond and Surrender. Meet, Live and Share Christ.

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