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By Jill Soriano

JesusThe world lost a great man who has changed our communication landscape. Steve was known to have been very passionate about making a difference. Even if he was initially kicked-out of Apple, he did radical steps to make sure that his return to his company will turn its future around. And he made it happen. Radical ways to achieve radical desires.

The weekend before Steve’s death, I went on a journey to Tagaytay. In the midst of my crazy schedule and competing priorities, I decided to put a pause to my over speeding life. And it was a radical pause.

That pause allowed me to look into my heart again. Well, I always felt truly blessed and favored by the Lord. Yet during weak moments, I am not exempted from those who are enslaved by fears and frustrations. Despite the gestures of His friendship and love, I know I sometimes allow myself to be stopped being the change I want to be. Looking at it, I was the only one who stopped, He never did. Like a persistent suitor, he was consistent in showing his love for me. He picked me up when I almost gave up on my career. He supported me when our family experienced a crisis. He was there when I was so broken and did not know where to go and what to do. He has been so loyal.

Sunday of that weekend, we met face-to-face. When I closed my eyes to worship, I saw Him. He was looking straight at me. His eyes – conveyed love. His tear – conveyed a more radical one. I felt the blood in my heart gushed with what I saw. His message was clear. He is so madly in love with me. And unlike the suitors who would sometimes have a timeline to until when they will pursue me, His is never ending. When He was looking at me, He promised forever. My seemingly hollow heart again was filled with love everlasting during that weekend. How could I not share it with the rest. Not only am I blessed with the things I need, with the favors I get but with a love that will allow me to offer myself as well to others. A love that is so assuring and inspiring that I am not afraid to radically love.

Radical – that’s how I’ve always believed I am. In fighting for what I believe in. In driving what will make a difference. But maybe, radical is not just that now. The radical me must learn to fully open myself to all, to allow compassion and love to flow through me, and to humble myself to give up selfish desires.

Radical, He is. More than Steve, He is more passionate to change my life, our lives. He may not have used technology to get into me, but He denied himself and gave up His life just so we experience the gift He is offering us. It is not exclusive unlike Mac, iPod and iPad. It is for free. That’s how radical He is. More than Steve’s death, His should be far more acknowledged by us.

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