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Jepoy Meneses
CFC SFL Fulltime Worker

I was riding a jeepney (public transportation vehicle in the Philippines) one day when a kid entered and gave envelopes. Written on it is: “Kaunting tulong lang sa pangkain naming magkakapatid” (A little help to buy our food). I readily gave a little amount of money and gave the kid back the envelope.

When the kid was about to alight the jeep, he was stopped by a man and said, “Ikaw, wala kang pambili ng pagkain pero may pangkulay ka ng buhok mo. (You don’t have money to buy food but you have some for coloring your hair.)” But the man gently gave the kid some money before letting him go.

What happened that moment taught me a great lesson: When you beg, look like a beggar. Don’t color your hair, don’t wear nice clothes, don’t wear jewelry, etc. You must look, feel and smell like a beggar.

The same is true for us Christians. As followers of Christ, we are called to put on the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 13:14). Our lives must reflect how the good Lord walked the earth more than 2000 years ago. People should see that the Jesus we believe in is alive because they see Him in us. Being called a Christian is not just a name or a title but defines the way we speak, act and relate with others.

For a beggar to be effective, he must put on beggar clothes. For a Christian to be effective, he must put on Jesus Christ. Are you wearing Him now?

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