Passionately for Life

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By Teny Mardo
CFC SFL Fulltime Worker

Passionately for Life 3

January 19, 2013, Dallas Texas. I can never forget this date as part of my mission experienced here in the US. It was my first time to participate in a foreign land’s “march for life!” I didn’t have any idea in mind how the whole thing will run. I just followed what I needed to wear [we were asked to wear a black colored top] and followed the time we should be at the church for the mass.

The theme for that march was,

EXODUS 20:13 “THOU SHALL NOT KILL.” How timely to have this for this theme. “The book of Exodus reminds us of the 40-year journey of God’s people through the desert, to the Promised Land, and the verse Exodus 20:13 states none other than God’s 5th commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” A most fitting reminder from Almighty God in the year 2013, marking the 40th anniversary of Roe V. Wade, legalizing abortion in America and leading to the death of over 53 million unborn children. This made many Catholics and individuals who defend life to go out that day and took part in the march!

The march started with the mass in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The church was filled with Catholics from all ages. I was emotionally moved seeing those many Catholics at that time. In my heart, I kept saying, I am absolutely a proud Catholic! This is my church and I will defend everything that it fights for!

During the mass, all I can feel is that everyone inside the church is just really making a stand that life is sacred and must be protected and that the killing must end! It’s making a stand in front Jesus and claiming back the culture of life.

Passionately for Life 2

After the mass, we all marched towards the front of Earle Cabell Federal Courthouse housing the district court where Roe was first filed in 1970. What a bold moved for all the Catholics who were there. Marching in all these major streets in Dallas Downtown and proclaiming that, “We want abortion to stop!”

For the CFC-FFL group, we were all praying the rosary while doing the march and singing Marian songs and really asking our Mother Mary to intercede for us and all those 53 mission aborted babies. My heart goes so much to all those unborn children. My praying of Hail Mary and singing her songs was my way of asking help from the Mother of all Mothers to help us here our prayers at that time. With me were our brethren from CFC-FFL Dallas [with all the Family Ministries] and together we marched with our banners saying, “We defend family and life!”

One march is not enough. I know that the battle will continue and it will be stronger.

Passionately for Life 1

In 2014 another march for life will happen. I may not be here anymore to march with everyone else at that time but I will continue to fight for life! This is my conviction to God, to love Him, to choose life, to love life, to share life and to protect life! I will remain to be God’s army for life and His Kingdom. The loss of 53 million unborn children can be another whole new country for God this time around, but they were not given a choice! In heaven at this time, they have a freedom to sing for God and worship Him. How pity for those who still doesn’t get it. I praise God He chose me first and loved me first! I praise God for allowing my “Nanay” to be pro-life and she brought me to this world! Because I was given life, I will also give life! I will fight for life and promote life!

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