Not An Ordinary Homecoming

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Pam De Leon
CFC SFL Manila
Mission Volunteer

Since I graduated from college, going home to the province (Northern Samar) was not a necessity. With loads of work ahead of me and other personal obligations to attend to, I would often set aside the thought of spending time to visit the place where I grew up, and to where the rest of my family resides.

Most often, I would just go home during special occasions since most of time, my parents would come over to visit. This year, however, is a different story. As of this writing, I’ve gone home several times already. But what really made this year a little more different is, God sent me home on a weekend not to rest but to serve; not just to spend time with my family, but to spend time with Him and my fellow SFL’s during the Eastern Visayas Committed Servants Weekend.

On October 27, I woke up early in the morning as I still had to travel an hour from our place to reach the island of Laoang, Northern Samar, where the CSW was held. Going there was quite an unusual ride for me since I am not used to papa accompanying me to a community-related activity. It felt like as if papa was sending me off to mission.

When I got to the venue, I was anxious, I was a little shy, a little hesitant because I only knew a few of the people there (knew some, back during my service in the youth ministry). But then, I cannot deny the fact that I was more excited for the whole retreat! I was excited how God will work and will show Himself to me and the rest of the people there throughout the weekend. I was excited how He will make all things possible on that weekend. I was excited to meet, live, and share Christ.

True enough, I have met Christ. I’ve met Him through every person present during that weekend – the speakers, the sharers, the service team, the titos and titas, and the participants. I have met Christ through the serenity of the place. I have met Him by simply being there.

Amidst all the oppressions, I have lived Christ. I have lived Christ by not complaining why electricity was intermittent and the sound system was not working well, instead, I have learned to appreciate more the simplicity of life. I have lived Christ by enjoying the brightness of the sun even if it made the projection of PowerPoint presentations and videos hard. I have lived Christ by humbling myself, realizing that really in Him, nothing is made impossible and that everything happens because He has great reasons.

The whole experience taught me a lot of things, and challenged me to share Christ by serving Him and His people regardless of whatever circumstances are there ahead of me. I was challenged to share Christ by understanding the true meaning of service – doing the work with humility, love, dedication, and compassion.

With all these, I praise God. I praise and thank God for the opportunity to serve. It was indeed an unusual homecoming – for it was Him who tagged me along. It was Him who invited me to come home. It was Him who allowed nothing to hinder me to be on that extraordinary weekend in a place I call home.

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