No Turning Back

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By Queenie Donasco
CFC SFL Disctrict of Marbel

Queenie  (1)I am always excited when it comes to the activities of CFC-SFL especially when held in other places. I’ll be able to meet new SFLs, discover new places, building memories, getting closer to my brothers and sisters and most of all, the experience of how God will manifest Himself to me, how He will touch my heart and how He will transform me. The Mindanao CSW last September 14-15, 2013 in Toril with the theme Power Up has been an amazing and spirit-filled weekend. Indeed, it had POWERED ME UP.

SFL Polomolok may have experienced a lot of harassments before the event but God didn’t fail us. Some of us were tired from work, didn’t have enough sleep, and haven’t eaten yet. However, God works wonders. First, the venue is a beautiful place, it made me enjoy nature and forgot the problems and worries I had. Second, the Frist Session by Tito Jerome Protasio is about Power Source and it correlated with how I felt. I was experiencing physical weakness (sleepy, tired from travel, etc.), but the talk made me recognize that what I was feeling is merely superficial. All I needed was God, God can bring back my energy physically as well as my emotional, spiritual and mental well-being for He is the source of all power. Third, I enjoyed our collage activity showing who is God to us. I could see the joy in the faces of my brothers and sisters as they explain their works, who is God in their lives and how God showed His love and graces to them. I love hearing testimonies because it inspires me a lot. Acknowledging God as the one True God, the Creator of all His handiwork, the Source of all life, the Alpha and the Omega is worthy of all our praises.

The world can be an attractive place. Loving the world produces bad fruits: pride, greed, entitlement and discontentment. We also have resistances in the form of worries, guilt and anxieties. I always worry about my future, my career or where will I be years from now. The second session, Powerless by Fr. Allan, allowed me to realize these indications will only prevent me from having the love of the Father. It makes me powerless. That is why, I have to reconnect to the source; I have to remember that God is the strength of my life. He is my Power, He is my source. I have to hold on to Him. Putting my trust and faith in Him relieves all my doubt and uncertainty about the future.

Queenie  (2)The CSW has been again an eye opener for me, I have to move out of my comfort zone to demonstrate my faith. I remember one of the speakers told us that “YOU WILL NEVER BE READY” and that phrase struck me. Yes, it’s true! We will never be ready ever, not even in million years. And if we wait for everything to align before we take that leap, we’ll be waiting forever. This is where faith comes in. This is where faith is extra important. I have to jump and believe, I need to level up, I must stand up for my Catholic faith and I need to step away from anything and everything that would prevent me from being holy. God created us with talents and abilities to use them for His glory. We have to treasure the things we’re good at and doing those things well. I’ve never expected that I’ll become one of the CFC-SFL leaders in Polomolok. As I can recall, I attended CLS alone, shy and quiet. But then, God has slowly changed me, I have overcome my shyness. He used me as His instrument. It started when I was invited to be a speaker in a Youth Camp Training. From then on, I became a sharer to activities and speaker to the Southern Mindanao Singles Conference, Christian Life Seminar and trainings. It’s a great feeling and accomplishment that I’m able to talk about the goodness of our Lord, inspire other people and lead the CFC-SFL Polomolok ministry.

One of the best moments I had in CSW was during one of the worship when the song “Christ is enough” by Hillsong has been sung. I closed my eyes, forgetting about myself and the surroundings, lifting my hands and voice to our Creator, understanding each line as I sing the song and tears flow down my cheeks. These tears are tears of understanding and comfort… knowing that God has chosen to love me. God has loved me immensely. Truly, Christ is enough for my life. That nothing in this world could ever satisfy. It is not the money or fame that will make me happy. It is only in Christ that I’ll feel the unconditional love, the real happiness and the inner peace. Another line from the song touched me, “I have decided to follow Jesus, No turning back.” I was blessed to be born into a Catholic home, I’ve been raised in a God-fearing family. I started to follow the footsteps of Jesus at a very young age. I’ve been learning and growing in my relationship with Him. There have been many ups and downs, but no matter what, the Lord has been always there.

Serving God takes much courage yet we do so because as Christians, we know it is just and that God is the rewarder of those of who diligently seek to serve Him. Doing these works with passion, kindness and vigor allow me to enjoy more my service and not seeing them as a burden.

We are now fortunate that modern technology has given us myriad ways to access God’s word. From television to internet to Iphones or android phones and to the social media. All these, so God’s people can enter into God’s presence. We are called to the New Evangelization. We have to draw our brothers and sisters deeper into the life of faith. The message of the Gospel must be heard, understood, embraced, lived and shared by all. This is my purpose, to use my talent, to share my treasure and to inspire and encourage my CFC-SFL brothers and sisters and the people around me to go back in Christ, to live Christ and to share Christ.

Through this priceless Committed Servants Weekend, I am once again redeemed by Christ and powered by the Holy Spirit. It allowed me to change, grow and improve the way I treat other people in whatever role God has called me. I have to stay steadfast in my relationship with God. I know that He will continually work in my life. I trust God, respect Him and I believe that He has bigger plans for me. I should not be afraid for God has always been faithful to His promises. So I decided to continue to follow Jesus for the rest of my life, no turning back!

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