No Such Thing As Wasted Love

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Breakups are hard. Period. Maybe we should leave it at that.

It’s those times when the memories, no matter how long ago or recent, still seems so raw and vivid, like ingrained in your mind forever. Every detail of that night, what he or she looked like, the words uttered to you that pierced through your soul, how the future you pictured together tears apart in front of you, or how you pathetically begged the other to stay. You’re thinking, “Yes, those are the memories you have to live with forever. FOREVER. And if the movie, ‘That Thing Called Tadhana’ had a sequel, you would be the star of that, namely “That Thing called Tanga Tanga.” But the truth is no one who has ever loved will deny the pain that comes with a break up.

Breakups are not the only thing that is hard. Loving another in general is hard. It is the vocation called of every man, and also the hardest challenge asked of him. It requires every ounce of strength and courage within him or her, to let walls down and be vulnerable. And we’re scared of being vulnerable.

The world has taught us to trust no one, and that the world is a cruel, cruel place, and that lie has hardened our hearts from the truth that our hearts were meant to be given away, our very being is meant to be given away; the same way One had freely given Himself for us.

Loving people totally different from you requires sacrifice, and not every one is willing to make it. After all, it is easier to walk away than to have your heart broken for the nth time. So if you’ve been wounded and broken from loving, Congratulations! You should be applauded for your courage to love selflessly and totally. You should be looked up to for being willing to risk yourself in the hands of a person you believe is true, good and beautiful, regardless of what the outcome may have been.

The scars may be visible now, and the wounds may still sting but dear, there is no such thing as wasted love. Love is always worth giving away. The love you have so freely given will come back to you a hundredfold, and fill every void in your heart, and wash every memory anew for God compensates well the person who endures in love.

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