No One Else Like You

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“Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?
– Ian Wallace, What a girl wants, 2003

There are people we look up to and admire, people we strive to be like. There are also people we want to be with, and are willing to change ourselves for. There are individuals who have changed their appearances, thinking that changing themselves physically will magically turn them into the person they admire, or that they will finally become the one the person they long for will finally love. There are also those who change themselves, let go of what they had once stood for just to be accepted by their peers. These people change themselves with this burning desire to be loved. But it does not work that way. You cannot compromise who you are in order to be loved by another. You choose to block people from knowing you and loving you for who you are.
You cannot expect another to love you if you do not love yourself; if you do not who you are, your past mistakes, your current circumstances and every thing you come with. You have to be the first to embrace your being unique, beautiful and unrepeatable before you find someone to appreciate all those things about you. Stop trying so hard to be someone you are not. You have a purpose that only you can fulfill, and when you don’t pursue it and fulfill it, you rob people of the chance to be blessed by you fulfilling it and you rob yourself of the chance to be blessed by it. Do you not think that people deserve that chance?
So please, do not shortchange yourself. Remember that when God created you, He saw you, and said “You are good”. And you may forget that often, and the harshness of the world may wall your heart from that truth, but please, allow God to break down those walls to unearth the treasure that He created you to be.
There is no one else like you, so you matter.
Give yourself a chance and maybe you will start to see the gem that you are; precious in every single facet of your being. Be not afraid to see what you were meant to be. Let the arms of your Creator envelope you so that every missing, rough and broken edge, will turn into nothing less than glorious.
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