MYMC 2012: A Moment of Firsts

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Katrina Roxas

The first time I heard that there will be a mission in Mindanao, I felt excited so I decided to volunteer. After witnessing how great God is in our lives during the WSC, WYC and WKC of this year, I saw MYMC as another opportunity for me to know and experience God more. He has planned something for me and I believe that He has truly prepared my heart for this.

MYMC 2012 was a moment of FIRSTS for me. It was my first mission as an SFL, my first time to go to Mindanao and my first time to travel by plane by myself. All these firsts were running through my mind a week before the mission. I didn’t know what to expect since I was not informed of what my role will be in the congress. I was nervous and excited at the same time, and most of all I was thrilled of how I will be a witness of God’s greatness and how He will be using me to reach out and touch others. I know that God has more surprises intended for me and I will happily embrace these surprises to fulfill His promises. True enough, when I arrived in General Santos, I was told that I would be an emcee for the Mindanao Young Ministries Congress, and again it was another first for me. It’s my first time to be part of the service team. I didn’t know what to do or expect but I was aware of where God is placing me. He is preparing me for something better and these moments of firsts were perfectly given to me to fulfill my purpose. I have experienced more firsts during the congress. I’ve seen individuals thirsty for God; People singing their hearts out, dancing and jumping with delight and wiping tears of joy. Overflowing emotions just filled the venue. I saw God in their faces; I witnessed Him work in their lives and felt His presence the whole time I was in Mindanao. MYMC was a blessing and an opportunity for the participants to be with God and being part of the service team made me feel happy because I have helped in bringing them closer to Him. God has used me to be an instrument to those who seek Him. He allowed the people to see Him through me and at the same time, He used this experience to inspire me to serve Him more. Saying YES to this mission made me understand that I am really the mission and that I am meant to serve Him more. Mindanao completely captured my heart and MYMC gave me a mountain-top experience with God which made me want to go back and just experience Him to the fullest. This wonderful event in my life made me realize that going to Mindanao with all my moments of firsts brought me to my FIRST AND ONE TRUE LOVE, GOD.

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