My Roadtrip Mission Experience

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By Jen Vitug

Jen VitugOne of my passions is travelling. I love to travel to different places, to meet and see Gods creation but I always do it with my family or friend.

I don’t know exactly where and when I have decided to join the road trip mission, one thing is certain; I wanted to know my Faith and my God. After several times of urging my finger tips if I will email the CFC FFL, finally on April 28, 2013 I got the heart to send them my intention to be part of the road trip mission. I don’t have a particular place where I wanted to serve, but thinking back I chose Batangas because it’s near Metro Manila, and anytime some things could go wrong, I can always go back.  The mission is two (2) consecutive Sundays but came May 05, 2013 (first day of mission), no body called me so I decided to go on with my friends in Anawangin. All is set; I told myself maybe it was not yet my time to go on a mission. Until, May 7, 2013, I received a call asking if I am still interested to go out on mission. Whooo… God, are you kidding me? I have other plans now, been waiting for your answer…since last week. But maybe, just maybe…God wanted to see the desire of my heart.

I have been praying since the day I received that call, my prayer time has been tripled in a day. It was a whole new experience for me. My anxiety paddled up, while I got worried. There were fears coming. I will be travelling alone. Nobody I know will be there. Can I really do it? Will they accept me? Can I relate with them? Am I really worthy to be there? Questions were coming everywhere. Honestly, I’m not a sociable person. I don’t usually talk when somebody ask me, this is one of the big worries I have. What will I do there? And then I was asked to share…Oh no!!

But my God is with me all throughout my journey. He reveals to me that He never needed a sociable Jen, he just want me to experience Him through the people I will meet.

Through enough, His holy spirit filled me that weekend. Hearing the sharing of our CFC SFL Batangas, how they victoriously handles their personal challenge made them closer to Him and how this mission strengthens their faith and seek his plan for the people of Calatagan Batangas.

I don’t just see the beauty of the place, I see beyond God’s creation through the smiles and simplicity of the place. The brightness of the sun that envelops our yearning for shower rains, and feels the cool wind. Witnessing the game called Tiklot (it’s like a jack stone using only the rock) amazes me how it completes the children’s day. Over flowing food, the laughter, cry and the appreciation of the participants for that CLS, the sisterhood and brotherhood; these are just some of the blessings God has shown me during the mission.

This whole new experience allowed me to trust Him, despite all my uncertainties, He reveals to me that He is in control. All my worries fade away, reminding me that His plan is better than my plans.

Praise God that I was able to experience to go on a mission. It was a big step for me to go alone, privileged to serve and meet our brothers and sisters in Batangas. There were fears but God and His Holy spirit guided me through it. I know this will not be the end of learning my faith and my God, this occurrence increases my will to learn, serve, share and live my faith.

Yes, I was able to fulfill my passion to travel but I am not just with my family or friend, I am with my God.

Faith really works Wonders.

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