My Road To Healing

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A Sharing by Kath Ebuenga, SFL Antipolo    

Life verse, discernment, prayer warrior – these are just some of the things that were unfamiliar to me until I became part of the CFC SFL community.

I used to be a teacher in Pekanbaru, Indonesia. My job was great in all aspects, but I felt alone in my happiness. When I was in Pekanbaru, I didn’t attend the Sunday masses at all because the only church there didn’t have an English mass. For the longest time, I’ve used that as an excuse. The truth is that my spiritual life then was dry.

The Beginning

In 2014, I had to go back to the Philippines for my health and my family. When I came back, one of the first people whom I shared my experiences with was Vanie. She, then, invited me to attend SFL Antipolo’s Live Pure Tambayan. That one night of good music and inspiring lessons made me realize how much I had to work on myself. I was thankful that I learned much that night, but I didn’t think that the next things that would happen would turn my life upside down.

I was invited to join Vanie’s household and met sisters-in-Christ. They gave me inspiration. I attended Antipolo’s District Assembly and met more sisters and brothers too. They inspired me. In 2015, I found myself in Quezon for WSC.

The Uphill

To be honest, I went to Quezon with so much burdens: love, career and most of all, family. My family was falling apart. It was too much for me to handle that is why I, myself, was just hoping for my parents to be separated. I only wanted a peaceful life, and if them being apart would give me that peace, then so be it. However, during the prayer tower in WSC 2015, Ate Tinay prayed for what my heart truly desired. I do not know Ate Tinay personally (I just asked her name from another sister that night), but she prayed for me as if she knew me all my life. I realized it wasn’t just her praying for me. The Holy Spirit was there, embracing me. Right then and there I realized that I was praying for the wrong thing. It wasn’t separation that my heart desires. It was reconciliation – healing that comes from God alone.

The Miracle

Believe it or not, after WSC 2015, I witnessed the greatest miracle of my life – peace. Last December 2015, for the first time in a long time, my family spent Christmas and New Year together. That’s the real #BestChristmasEver.

Since I’ve told myself that “there is no turning back”, I’ve been more blessed. More miracles happened in my life. I’ve learned the importance of discernment, I now have a life verse, and St. Teresa of Calcutta is now my inspiration. I am busier, feeling a bit more tired, but I am more loved. I still have fears and inhibitions but they are now easier to overcome because I know I am not alone. My heart, at times, may be weak, but Jesus’ heart will always be there to strengthen it.

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