My Faith is Bigger than my fears!

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By Bhebie Bernil

bhebieThe gospel about the prodigal son was our topic during our household last March 10, 2013. The question was “have you ever experience being a prodigal son or daughter?” Have you experience turning away from God? This Year of Faith, we are affirmed that our faith should really be greater than our fears.

During the WSC our faith was tested. Honestly, I asked myself, “How was my faith in serving in this community for years? Was I able to grow in faith? Or did I became weaker? Am I serving from the heart or pasaway pa rin? Am I  being a true Catholic? Are my intentions pure?” All these questions made me think and reflect about my current state of life. I praise

God for the WSC, thanks to all my realizations during the Congress,  I became even more convicted and firm to become God’s daughter and missionary. In Session 2 of the World Singles Congress, I discover that my faith should be greater than my fears, but there are still more singles whose fears are greater than their faith; and I feel responsible in helping my brothers and sisters in discovering their faith, that God is calling us to do more.

The WSC really empowers the SFL members here in Cebu. Here are some of my realizations during our household prayer meeting:

“I live in a world that is full of temptations. Sometimes I may feel isolated but definitely I am never been unloved by the Father. He called me to serve through CFC Singles for Family and Life. Even if I sometimes become like the prodigal son/daughter but God has His ways of bringing me back to Him. I learn from those mistakes and started to value the faith that I have. Now that I am closer to God, my faith should be bigger than my fears! I will live this life according to His will and start living my life according to what is right so that I can share Christ to other people.”

As what the priest told us in the WSC, being isolated means you’re near to temptations. But God will never leave us, we will never be alone and unloved “faith works wonders”. We need to bring people closer to Christ and share the blessings that we have.  Let other people know that their God is bigger than the problems and trials that they have. And that the same God is definitely bigger than life.

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