Missionary 24/7: Isabela Mission

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By Ria Lioanag
CFC SFL District of Antipolo

CFC SFL Isabela

You know that God has brought you in the right place and right time when everything bad that happened is the reason why you’ve reached your level of contentment. This was my first mission and it meant going out of my comfort zone. To be with new people, to travel by bus for a 8-10 hour ride, to be with a new community, all of these definitely scared me. But God has always been good to me. He has equipped me with faith to believe that He will never leave me. And I clinged on to this the whole time! He did give everything we ever needed, may it be courage, confidence and even a second chance in life!

The talk went great. I met such amazing new people! I even saw priceless reactions that would definitely lead to transformations, praise God! But I will never forget that this mission has saved me, literally and figuratively! God has saved me yet again, His prominent love through the Isabela community has made me appreciate the love He has shown me through SFL. The thoughtfulness, cheerfulness and generosity of the titos, titas and the members of SFL Isabela has reminded me of God’s love. He has given me a chance to see His greatness and He inspired me to do more, to be braver in proclaiming His good news and to say yes to the missions He wants me to be in! Yes Lord! I heard you, Loud and clear!

He also saved me from a tragic accident that may have happened! I decided to go home a day before and rode a bus that had too many passengers. Thus, making the bus unstable. Around 4am, the driver had to stop because the bus’ axel has snapped. Thankfully, no one got hurt and the bus has stopped in the nick of time. He never left me alone. He sent people that would help me and be with me. I even saw a sister from SFL SG, who just happened to be in the Philippines, that made me feel safer because of what happened. God truly takes care of His children!

It did scare me a bit, but I know that God will never abandon us. I will always be His warrior and His missionary because Jesus never fails to give me reasons that would keep me going.

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