Mindanao Young Ministries Congress 2012

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Chloe Loquias
Mindanao Young Ministries Fulltime

CHOOSE LIFE – the very core of this year’s CFC-FFL events and gatherings was proclaimed in the recently concluded Mindanao Young Ministries Congress held in General Santos City. This year’s gathering of KFL, YFL and SFL leaders and members all over Mindanao aimed to bring new meaning to living the fullness of life. An outstanding 248 delegates spent their first weekend of August enjoying the company of each other while learning the basic truth of God’s greatness as an integral part of living life to the fullest.

Though heavy rains were experienced in most parts of the country that weekend, MYMC was also flooded with God’s providence and blessings as it began with a celebration of the Holy Eucharist led by Fr. Norman Quilaquil, O.P. It was followed by a powerful worship lead by our SFL leader from Gen San, Butchok Tesorero. In the first session given by our Young Ministry FTW for Mindanao, Chloe Loquias. The SFLs and YFLs realized that God has chosen to give them life and has chosen them to live the best life ever with Him as they called them in their CLS ands their Youth Camp. The second session was given by our SFL FTW for Mindanao, Dylan Reyes, in his talk he challenge YFLs and SFLs to choose life everday inspite of the different struggles they might face in choosing it! Several workshops were also given by their Mindanao FTWs and volunteers intended to remind them that the fullness of life can be attained by deepening their personal relationship with God and by strengthening their relationships as brothers and sisters in the community. The brotherhood and sisterhood forums brought them to a more fortified attitude of care and accountability with one another. On the other hand, children dancing, singing, laughing and running around were also present on that weekend gathering as KFL FTWs Paul Tropicales, Jeremer Cruz and Khyme Esteban gave various talks and workshops teaching Kids how to live like Jesus. Allowing them, at their early age, to understand that it is fun and fulfilling to be like Jesus. On the afternoon, the delegates were given time to relax, reflect and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. And by night, a solemn Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament followed by a vibrant Praisefest led by our KFL Mindanao FTW, Paul Tropicales, help our brothers ans sisters to make a solid commitment to choose God!

The next day started with the offering of Sunday Mass celebrated by Fr. Ramon Salibay, O.P. followed by a brave dare by our YFL Philippine Mission Head, RJ Moriones to live a life to the fullest. His talk captured inside a praisefest brought the whole crowd to an outcry of praises to the Lord. The Congress was concluded with the recognition of efforts exerted by the delegates from different areas in Mindanao.

From the days of preparation until the weekend of MYMC, our hearts were humbled and delighted by the immense greatness of God’s providence. His greatness sifting through every inch of doubt and fear, purifying our dedication to bring His word to the young people of this generation, one event at a time. Through this Congress He revealed that our endeavor, with the Young Ministries of Mindanao, to choose life will bring us to the ultimate promise there is – THAT OUR DESCENDANTS MAY LIVE!

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