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By Rachel Cases


Pink in Love: With Norie and Grace, SFL sisters from Cubao and Northern Samar, and new found sister, Chandra!

A different way of spending Saturday night crossed my calendar with a colorful reminder.

I have gone to every Live Pure Conference since it started in 2012. I have also watched some of the Youtube videos of the Live Pure team. This Saturday night was definitely a new taste. It was, but of course, my first ever LP Tambayan. Different approach, very same cause bringing Jesus Christ as the center of our hearts. Our first love, Alpha and Omega.

Another First


Jamming Sisters: With SFL Sisters from Cubao and Ronald with his guitar.

I have seen teasers on Facebook about the past LP Tambayans held around the Metro. I got first introduced to LP Tambayan during the World Singles Congress (WSC) 2013 in Batangas. I somehow knew how it works. Little did I know that going to the LP Tambayan with a bunch of strangers and few acquaintances was an exciting experience.

See, the thing is, that Saturday night was really not entirely new to me. I have been to jamming sessions with friends gossiping about each other’s love life– the talks about different shenanigans done by a friend and the other as most of the gang are getting wasted.

I have never been really to a legit bar, or any legit music and dance clubs. I have been to Baguio’s Kubo Grill on very rare occasions. I enjoyed walking late afternoon at Session Road, passing by La Azotea where acoustic singers perform at resto-bars. Is this kind of social life, my social life, boring? Does this make me the worst single person, not knowing how to “party hard” and “drink ’til bladder bursts”?

Music and Food

Totally it was a night to chill, listen to good music, and eat… and eat more! I could not exactly remember how many times I went to the food table and munch whatever my stomach felt was good food. I must say, the chocolate fountain was finger-licking good! By the way, I remembered Arnold (or Ronald?) was also one of the band members during the LP session in Batangas. He could really hit those high notes! Galing!

So about Love?

livepure tambayanI have fallen away from the very first love my heart and soul had ever known. I made wrong decisions in love– thinking, feeling it was real love. I chose to FALL away from His great love, believing it would make me feel really loved. Looking back, the past “relationships” I had were REEL-ation-SICKs, and not REAL-ationships. I was blinded by emotions, deeply caught by so-scalled romantic moves that made my heart fluttered for many times.

That night, Kuya Jepoy reminded me that while waiting is good, one should enjoy the solo journey and continue developing oneself. Be the right person for God’s gift to you. I suddenly remembered a friend who has a picture of himself with the iconic tower in Paris behind. The caption says like this: Not looking for the right one to share this view with. Just waiting to be Mr. Right, then I’ll see you again.

There is no need to rush things and be firm on your decision while being gentle on yourself. Don’t press yourself hard. I am not just going to let the time fly. I am going to be there with a glider to fly, too. For I know that there is real freedom, true love, and total happiness waiting for me.

So, where and when is the next Live Pure Tambayan?

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