Let The Will of God Be our Ultimate Dream

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By Ashley Timog, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Each of us envisions a life with so much accomplishments, especially when it comes to our careers. But there are circumstances that God will redirect us for his ultimate goal. Never did I expect that one day God will call me to work with Him here in Abu Dhabi.

I am an SFL member since 2007. Earlier in 2009, in Tarlac Philippines, while I was still working at a Bank, I was determined to get a visa to work in the United Kingdom. However, I did not pass the interview and I was not able to obtain a VISA.

In 2010, a friend offered me to work in Abu Dhabi, a country where never did I imagine seeing myself living and working permanently. However, I still tried, with the words at the back of my head saying – “This might be the Lord’s way of giving me a big break”.

Days, weeks and months passed. It’s been five months (yes, I literally counted) that I was not able to find a job. I was struggling to understand what really my purpose was. But after almost a year, God revealed His plans for me. While we we’re planning for the Committed Servants Weekend, God clearly conveyed his message for me – I am where I am primarily because it was also the time that CFFL needed SFL members in preparation to start the SFL Ministry in Abu Dhabi. They needed SFL members who will step up to facilitate a group.

I believe that God never settles for anything less. He told me, “Hey Ashe, Yes it is you! The one that I chose, the one I sent who’s always been joyful and who serves tirelessly, who willingly blends herself with the community to help with other’s problems and difficulties, and most importantly, the one who has a God centered life”.

God zoomed every encounter I had, from the time I came here in Abu Dhabi. It was also the time where CFFL was conducting a Mega CLS. Despite not having a job during those times, I was not hindered to say yes to facilitate a group. God even called me to serve fully to accomplish every CFFL event.

A soldier will not be sent to a battle, unless his chief commander is not that confident that his solider is well trained and is ready. I believe God trained me well in Philippines for three years to prepare my for my mission in Abu Dhabi. I had a group to facilitate, to lead a CLS, to serve in different Ministries (Music & Creative), to be part of the service team during big events and to go on mission in different locations. Never did I imagine doing all these. His dream was greater than mine. He chose me and He sent me to Abu Dhabi to do His mission. He brought me here for a reason. My ultimate dream is that His will happen in my life. And now, with confidence in God and through the help of the Holy Spirit, all of these were accomplished here in United Arab Emirates.

To God be all the glory!


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