Keep Your Eyes On Me

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“So don’t you dare look back, Just keep your eyes on me, I said you’re holding back, She said, Shut up and dance with me.” (From the song Shut Up and Dance, Walk The Moon)

There more than 5 love languages, which include words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, giving or receiving gifts and quality time. But I once heard a theory that there might be a sixth, and it’s called waiting. There were probably many moments in your life when you feel that you’ve been praying your hardest and yet God seems to be always postponing His answer to you. You feel that the wait has been so long that the lack of “ that” is a reflection of God not favoring you, of God holding back on you. And this line consumes you so much that you’ve lost focus to the point that you’ve forgotten the face of a good God.

The lie that God does not hear you gets louder and louder and you have this strong urge to look back, to go back to your old life just to get God’s attention. Like a child that gets more drastic when trying to get his or her mom’s attention. It may start from calling for her, to jumping on the couch to throwing stuff around. But here’s the truth. God makes you wait for a reason. Sometimes God just wants you to shut up, to be quiet. Not to stop praying and talking to Him but to really quiet your heart so that you may fully feel His subtle stirrings in your heart. He wants you to be so still so that you hear the beating of His heart for you and that in realizing His utmost, overflowing love for you find no other, no better person to lead you in this dance called life. Keep your eyes on Him. Let His will be the beat your heart longs to the dance to because you can be sure that He will lead you to the best experience of love and never let you go.

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