Just A Call Away

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“And when you’re weak I’ll be strong
I’m gonna keep holding on
Now don’t you worry, it won’t be long
Darling, and when you feel like hope is gone
Just run into my arms”
– Charlie Puth, One Call Away

A lot of people find it scary to eat alone, to watch a movie alone or to really do anything alone. There’s a perpetual cloud of doom circling their heads and it’s one that consists of “Nobody loves you”, or “You were not what he wanted”, or “She’s happier without you”. It’s like being alone has became the ultimate curse for the human person and many succumb to the feeling of longing for someone but not truly understanding that their happiness is not dependent on the actions, or lack of, of another.

When being alone transcends the physical absence of someone or something, you will find that being ‘alone’ sometimes happens to draw you back to what’s essential.

When all has been taken away from you – when all the frills have been set aside, when the colored lights have died down, being alone can never be too scary because when you have lost it all – you are compelled to go back to the Lord.

Perhaps it’s the Person who has been staring at you from afar, awestruck at your beauty wondering why you can’t see it for yourself. Again and again, He presents Himself, ready to point you back to who you were in the beginning, and again and again you have shun Him down.

But He can take your past, your pain, your troubles and wrap you so close to Him that all your HOPE may be restored.

Perhaps it’s time for you to give Him a shot.

You are never alone. The Lord is just a call away and He has been constantly waiting for you.

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