Jesus my Strength, Purpose, Joy and Fulfillment (A WSC 2015 Sharing)

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By Eunice Pili
CFC SFL Batangas

Eunice Pili

“God surprised me.” This is the only sentence that comes out from my mouth every time my friends would ask me about my WSC experience. It’s amazing how a weekend can change your heart and your perspective in an instant because days before the congress, I was carrying my own cross and I was plastered with so many problems that it feels like I’m slowly losing grip to reality. However, through the series of talks, LBS and worship sessions I’ve attended, I saw an open vision, playing like a movie in front of me. In every word that I hear, every song that I sing I felt His presence in every inch of my veins –a legit encounter with God.

I remember the time when our brothers and sisters carried their lights and offered themselves to pray over our problems. I was hesitant at first, but my feet carried my body towards one of the sisters at the left side of the hall. My body was shaking until I finally found courage to open up. After sharing my problems, she started praying in TAG-LISH. Everything went well on her first few lines when suddenly, she coughed really hard. After that, she placed her hands heavily on my shoulders and surprisingly spoke in a foreign language. To be honest, I have no idea of what she was saying however, in that particular moment, I felt a sense of buoyancy inside my body. It felt like something heavy was being taken away from me and this feeling made me embrace her as I continue to burst into tears. Then it hit me! It was Christ! He took away my pain! When she spoke in tongues, the Holy Spirit made the presence of God real to me and up to this moment I am still amazed on that encounter.

Truly the WSC connected my spiritual self to God and it made me realize that Christ is enough to make myself whole again. It made me realize that even though I am just a tiny speck in God’s divine masterpiece, I am born on and with purpose. Praise God for directing my path in this community… For in this community, I found my strength, my purpose, my joy and fulfillment – JESUS CHRIST.

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