I Choose to Live Pure!

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By Ysette David
CFC SFL Batangas

Ysette DavidIn the third Quarter of 2012, SFL Batangas conducted the Live Pure Echo Conference at La Promeesa, San Pascual Batangas. It was a great time to meet and greet our brothers and sisters in Christ once again and to listen to God’s message for all of us through the Live Pure Team.

Real Freedom.

“I am created in God’s image and likeness; hence, I will live out His greatness and holiness by striving to imitate Christ and His purity.” When I heard this line I was reminded of my past, I was blinded and most of the time commits poor choices in my life. Kuya Ej said “Jesus is the WAY out to be FREE.” Real freedom is simply doing good. We are not here on earth to be prisoners of insecurities and live an impure life with bandages; instead freedom is intrinsic, it is a matter of decision to live upon the truth. All of this sync in my heart and mind. I then decided that I want to be free. Free from insecurities, have self control and to live a chaste life. I will free my mind from any impurity and lustful thoughts and I will strive hard to always speak with grace. After the conference, I felt God’s affirmation that He has beautiful plans for my life. The Lord plans to prosper me and give me a future full of hope. I torn the colorful papers into small pieces and threw it in the air. It was like my Independence Day, and so I lifted everything to God. By doing so, I know that my life will be colorful and full of life. “Happy Independence day Ysette!”

Finding Your One True Love.

This session talks about Commitment Driven by Decision. It’s not just about the positive feelings. I realized that Love really is not just a word, it means so much more. Just like what God the Father did, He gave His only begotten Son to die on the cross and save us from our sins. I realized that in finding my One True Love, I must find God first that way I will be secure of what love truly means. Now is the right time to Love God and only God’s love suffices. I was again reminded that when I am tempted, I must always turn God and let Him help me rise up to overcome it all. “Love is a decision to fall in love again when we are out of love.” Everything is possible with God’s grace. Kuya Jeff said, “It’s fine to be attracted when in a relationship, but one must say no to temptation – starving the attraction will lead to its natural death; again we must fall unto God.” Right now I can truly say that God is my One True Love. The person that God has prepared for me will come in His time. I learn to value the importance of Chastity. I will patiently wait for God to reveal that person to me. I am worth waiting for!

Total Happiness.

It was a reminder that God is enough to be truly happy. He definitely choose me and freed me from my sin in the past and so I will this life to the full and choose to Live Pure.

I am Lisette Ann David and I choose to Live Pure!

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