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by Eloi Abanador
CFC SFL Singapore

Eloi abanador[Exactly a year ago, God answered my vocation discernment prayer intention… His exact words were “GET READY! THE TIME HAS COME!”

My journey continues as a single woman towards the gift of marriage.]

God allowed me to realize that the greatest preparation for married life vocation is my receptivity to His love.

Let me share with you this experience which taught me this particular lesson.

October 23, 2012: Cebu International Airport

Touchdown Cebu! It was 3 days after my Boracay vacation with my family. I arrived 4 hours before my scheduled flight to Singapore. The check-in counters were still closed, so I decided to go to nearby salon and shop. I went back to the airport just on time for my flight. As I entered the departure hall, I was not able to see my passport, cellphone and flight ticket which were all inside my small pouch!

I prayed hard to Sto. Niño and St. Pedro Calungsod, but nobody returned my pouch and I missed my flight going back to Singapore.

The OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) officer advised me to go back to Manila immediately so that I could request for a new passport. He even accompanied me to the domestic airline ticket counters. The airport security guard lent me his cellphone so that my family could contact me. I was able to book the last flight going to Manila even if the airplane was already boarding through the assistance of the assigned travel agent.

I checked my pocket and surprisingly I still have Php220! It was almost the exact amount to pay for Php200 domestic terminal fee. I ate the pasta that my mom gave me and I used the remaining Php20 to buy a Php15-worth bottled water. I still have Php5 left to put back in my pocket!

Thank you Lord for the money, food and most especially for the strangers who helped me!

NAIA Terminal 3

Touchdown Manila! Home sweet home!

Thank you Lord for the safe flight and for my family who fetched me from the airport straight from their Boracay flight!

Eloi abanadorOctober 24, 2012: Home

At around nine o’ clock in the morning, my mom and I were supposed to leave the house and go to DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs). Suddenly, my sister-in-law called me up and informed me that a police officer from Cebu called our previous SFL household mate and told her that my pouch was found! I was able to talk with the police officer and confirmed that my passport, memory card and sim card were surrendered to them. I also called my boss in Singapore and he just told me “Just come back safe.”

Since my sister-in-law is working at the Manila Airport, she advised me that her friend who is working at the Cebu Airport would help me get my things from the police station and arrange air shipping back to Manila. My sister helped me to scan and e-mail the required authorization letter.

It was confirmed that my passport was claimed and would arrive on the same day with the last flight passengers from Cebu-Manila!

Thank you Lord for my mom who is willing to accompany me wherever I needed to go; for being able to celebrate my sister’s birthday ; for my sister-in-law and her friend’s initiated help; for my boss who was very understanding; for the police officer who was full of integrity; and for all the strangers who helped me again to ship my passport the fastest way possible!

October 25, 2012: Home

My sister-in-law called me up and told me that she found my passport on her table. She advised that I could already book my flight back to Singapore. I was able to purchase a flight because of my brother who volunteered to use his ATM card.

St. Jude Thaddeus Church: Mass with Momsie as she celebrates her 60th Birthday!

Shakey’s Resort World: Lunch with my family to celebrate my mom’s and sister’s birthdays!

NAIA Terminal 3

We had a family prayer before I boarded for my flight back to Singapore. They all promised to stay back in case something happens to me again.

Changi Airport Terminal 2

Touchdown Singapore! I texted my boss to inform him that I am back in Singapore. His reply to my text message was “Have a good rest and see you at work tomorrow.”

Thank you Lord for allowing me to celebrate my mom’s birthday; for the yummy food shared with my family and for allowing me to continue my work here in Singapore!

As I end, let me share how Theology of the Body explains Marriage as a sacrament:

Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. As the Church submits to Christ, so let wives also submit themselves in everything to their husbands. Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave up for her. (Eph 5:21, 24-25)

Man represents Christ… the Bridegroom! He manifests the divine love & willingly lays down his life for the Church.

Woman represents the tabernacle (dwelling place of the holy God)… the Bride! Woman reflects the mystery of God revealed to her beauty & submits to the love coming from Christ.

Christ’s love and marriage vows are similar: free, total, faithful and fruitful!

Married life is a preview of the union of the Bridegroom (Christ) and the bride (the Church) and to fill the church with divine life!

I got to read these Theology of the Body notes during my flight back to Singapore and everything suddenly made sense to me. I realized that as a single woman, the greatest preparation for the married life vocation is truly my receptivity to His love.

In everything that had happened to me in that experience, I didn’t exert much effort. It was God who freely gave His love for me and I received it openly. God loved me the way He wants to show it to me, not the way I wanted Him to love me.

God has taught me what it means to be open to His love and to the ways He wants to show that love and so I choose to consecrate my married life vocation to the Holy Family today as we celebrate their feast day! Nothing is impossible with God!

Mama Mary, St. Joseph and Jesus, pray for us!

[Note: This article was written by Eloi last December 30 during the Feast of the Holy Family.]

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