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By Ryan Algunas
CFC SFL District of Marbel

Ryan Agsaluna (1)The Committed Servants Weekend which took place last September 14-15, 2013 in Camp Mary Hill, Davao City was one of the greatest, most unforgettable moments in my entire life. There, I found myself knowing Christ more and knowing myself more. I have learned how difficult it is to follow Christ. I never thought it will create a great impact in me. I always had it in my mind that I will never know Christ, ever, but still He made ways for me to experience Him. I realized that following Him is so much fun even though I will encounter many hurdles. He made me see that there is always hope and it not yet too late for me to change.

Indeed, God is always awesome! That weekend I learned that God is my POWER SOURCE – that without Him, I am unable to do everything that He wants me to do; without Him, I am unable to resist temptations; without Him, I am POWERLESS. He is my Creator, my Source, and my Giver. God is the source of all power, a power that knows no bounds and is beyond human comprehension. By having Him as my source of power, I realized that I can do things beyond my capacity.

Ryan Agsaluna (1)I myself was powerless once, it was before I joined the community. I knew God but I never recognized Him as my creator and my power source. I never wanted to get involved in some religious activities. I thought it was just awkward to join such things. But the time came that God poked my heart to follow Him and I realized that it was awesome to follow His ways. It felt like I was cleansed from filth. I then realized that without Him, I am weak and lifeless. I found myself walking in circles having no direction but only to return to where I came from. He then created a new path for me, a way to walk forward with Him without fear. He showed me a way to destroy all hurdles in front of me and a chance to live a new life. It never occurred to me that I will be like this, following Him with gladness and not expecting anything in return and more importantly – having that personal relationship with Him. I will never regret the decision I made to follow God. In fact, I am glad and grateful that I am now reconnected to Him. I am now POWERED UP! He made me strong in my weaknesses, gave light in my darkest times. He gave me food for my soul using the Holy Spirit. By having God-given gifts, I will serve Him by evangelizing the people that are lost for I know God will give me the power to do it. I look forward to the day that I will start giving talks and sharing my stories for these will be some of the many ways God will use me to evangelize those lost people. I will surrender my time and talent as a token of my service to God. I will let Him utilize me by using those gifts He gave me. Those gifts are originally from Him and it is just right to use these gifts for His greater glory.

Ryan Agsaluna (1)I am so glad that I am now a member of CFC Singles for Family and Life because I met people whom I thought never existed – people who are willing to give everything they have just to serve God and not asking anything in return; those who never knew the word “STRESS” just to serve God; and people who will accept you for whoever you may be. Those people are like infectious diseases, you will be infected every time you hang out with them. I experienced simple yet joyful moments with them such as eating while laughing with my brothers and sisters. It’s like a family living a happy and harmonious life. It is just so awesome! I think I am now infected by their awesome personalities. God bless CFC-SFL for such people!!! I never expected to experience this in my entire life that’s why I am so blessed for being a part of this community. Let us be eager to POWER UP in our service and may GOD BLESS US ALL!!!

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