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Triccia Sucgang
CFC SFL Paranaque

Last July 14, 2012, SFL Lucena held SFL Acoustic Jams– the area’s first crowd activity for single men and women. Its goal was to gather friends and acquaintances outside of the CFC FFL community in Lucena in preparation and promotion of the upcoming SFL Christian Life Seminar in the area. A few SFL members performed by singing and playing the guitar, and some gave testimonies about how God touched their lives, especially through SFL. Slideshows and videos of community life were shown, and a teaser to for the next activity. I’m sure the activity made an impact on the attendees. But God always proves to bless us who serve beyond what we expect. Three things struck me that night:

1) Show your love and things will turn out fine.

Things will not be perfect. Schedules will get skewed up, some will be late, set-up will lack one or two minor things. But as Jeff de Luna, our SFL Luzon head, reminded us at our team worship, the only thing we needed to remember for that night were moments of when we felt most loved– and that is how we should act towards everyone, especially the new friends we will meet that night. It was a beautiful start for SFL Acoustic Jams. The peace that God wanted to give me since I left Manila with some friends (SFL volunteers) bubbled up from within me. True enough, as I showed my love through a smile, a small act, I was assured of God’s presence. I felt forgiven for minor faults. I felt full with love by just looking at the food that the CFCs of Lucena have prepared. I knew the night was “Gonna be a good night” and that things would go according to God’s ways.

2) God wants me to have fun.

A wonderful sister reminded me on my way to my mission area, not to forget to have fun. On the way, I was excited, but I was more than a little apprehensive too, because of things that were nagging in my head– things that could have been done but weren’t, things I should have prepared but wasn’t able to. That sister’s text was God’s nudge. “Relax. Enjoy. I want you to chill and have fun, remember?” And I had to smile. That night, I just had fun. And I knew that the collective, relaxed and joyful presence of all the SFL’s who were present were enough for the new ones to feel welcome and yearning to know more about God through SFL. A few days after, our SFL head in Lucena said they were already asking the details for the CLS. Praise God!

3) God has already prepared everything before you came in.

I wasn’t 100% sure if the people we invited to serve were going to attend. But God knows everything. He made available the best guitarist / performer who not only could make us laugh, but also shared very inspiring testimonies. God made sure that a great AVP creative and visual director was present. He had a full time pastoral worker for KFL be present there in his hometown so that he would not only perform, but add strength to the sharings. He also sent the right people to perform, tell personal stories, and to help out in logistics. The CFC FFL to support full-force. He even made sure Fr.Warren, the Lucena CFC FFL Family Ministries Spiritual Director was there to sing a few songs and bless everyone before the night closed! There was nothing to worry about. He had things in control before the day came.

SFL Acoustic Night in the evening of 14th of July became not just a simple crowd activity to remind other people of God’s sweet love for each of them. But it was a reminder of His love for me too, and He sings to me over and over and over again. I can’t wait for the next activity in Quezon that God will bring me to.

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