God Bless My Broken Road

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Ira Zoe Seguenza
CFC SFL Laguna

“Every long lost dream led me to where you are…”

Ira Zoe SeguenzaThis sentence is taken from a song, I am always fond of singing and humming, I don’t know why, but maybe because I just know that this is the stage and state of the heart the Lord affirms of me every waking moment of my life. Journeying and having a direction in life with the Lord made me appreciate, love and trust Him more as He entrusted so much blessings and graces in me and for me for the last 23 years of my life.

Discerning a life direction has taught me so much and I just know that as I continue my journey in the Lord, I am never alone and will always find good in everything, simply because the Lord wants the best for me and He is a God of Good Things.

Growing up and being raised in a family that has been graced thru serving CFC-FFL at a young age, starting from the youth ministry, up until being a member of CFC- Singles for Family and Life last year had made me become the woman the Lord wants me to be. Radiating God’s love and sharing it to other people had allowed me to become more open in the calling and leading of the Holy Spirit in my here and now moment. It is also last year that I started discerning and praying for where and what the Lord is trying to lead me and I just know deep in my heart that He was calling me and that He wants me, for who I am and for what He designed me to be.

Taking my first baby steps in finding the Lord and heeding for His call for a greater mission by saying my “Yes” in His invitation to offer myself for religious life, has been a struggle, leaving behind my family, my friends, the community-CFC SFL and all my co-servants, my career and a wonderful future this world has to offer are part of those sacrifices I need to do just because I know that when we love, we need to sacrifice, and loving HIM is sacrificing everything that I have and offering it back to Him.

I might not know what the future would hold for me, I might have dreams and aspirations of my own, but one thing I know is for sure and will never change, finding the perfect suit in my life direction will always be about being reminded that God’s love and grace will be constant. I will stand by the name He blessed me with, “ready life” for I know that the mission and will of the Lord is the fruit of our faithfulness and His faithfulness in us our lives.

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