Glow in the Dark

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By April A. Gerero

April GuereroBy itself, glow-in-the-dark stuff cannot glow. It is powerless to produce light when placed in a dark room because it must be “charged” or “energized” by putting it first near a light thereby absorbing light radiation and eventually re-emitting the light energy it received. According to, all glow-in-the-dark products contain phosphors. A phosphor is a substance that radiates visible light after being energized. So on its own, a glow-in-the-dark item is practically useless. It will not radiate when placed in a dark area if not first exposed to a light. Overtime the glow it gives become paler hence constant connection with its source is essential for its sustainability.

I am a glow-in-the-dark stuff, and God is my Light Source. Without me receiving His power and light, I am worthless. This is my affirmation after the 2013 Committed Servants Weekend with the theme: POWER UP! Receive the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Everyday I stand in awe and wonder in God’s creation. It is beyond human power and influence to command the sun to shine in the morning and let it set in the evening. Or tell the moon to go out in the evening and hide in the morning. Or order the wind to blow, rain to fall down, plants to grow, seas to branch out or dry up, mountains to move, and the list goes on and on. Sometimes we tend to perceive these events as usual and natural since they occur everyday but with a discerning eye of a grateful heart, your jaw will drop in awe on the immense might of earth’s Great Architect. On a personal level, I have no life on my own. I cannot command my heart to beat. Or order my lungs to inhale and exhale air for me to keep on breathing. I even have no power over the air that I breathe. I have no control over the time when life will be snuffed out from me. God holds the remote control and anytime He can turn it off. It is by God’s pure generosity that I am still breathing at this very moment. I did not pay God to give me life. He did not receive anything from me except pain and wounds by my many transgressions. God created me just because He loves me. His love for me is beyond reason! It is really mind-boggling! How can a Self-Existent God whose footstool is the earth would love a mere mortal man and even sustain his life?

ExpositionDuring the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, God lovingly put me over His shoulder. I rested like a speck of dust over His massive shoulder yet He carefully cradled me like I was His only daughter, His only possession. He told me that He longs for my love and it was very pleasing to Him that I responded to His call to love Him. At that very moment, I realized my true worth. Anak ako ng Diyos. I have heard this statement countless time but it is only during that time that it finally sunk in to me and God pushed it down more to be embedded in my core. I then realized that for the longest time I am powerless over sin and temptation because I DID NOT CLAIM my true identity that I am daughter of the Most High! To embrace the truth that I am God’s child means power and freedom for me. I am powerful because I believe and claim that my Father is an Omnipotent, Mighty, Powerful, Creator of everything good, Almighty, Eternal, Alpha and Omega, Great I Am, Awesome Dad who has power over sin and death. It is my strong divine connection with Him that will give me the power to overcome temptation and conquer a life of apathy and mediocrity. I am free because I will live my life only to please my Father. My heart’s desire is to make Him smile. I will not be held captive by people’s opinion of me, whether criticisms or admiration. I will live my life not seeking the praises and approval of men. I only long for Dad’s unseen but fulfilling applause. Like a glow-in-the-dark stuff which is worthless and useless by itself, I am tremendous overwhelmed to know that through a deep and personal relationship with my Father, I can be powerful and free!

In the midst of my Father’s revelation of His might and power to me, He gently reminded me, ironically, that He is also “meek and humble of heart.” During the closing Mass, the officiating priest gave us a special privilege to hold the Body of Christ. The moment Christ was placed in my hand, I began to sob uncontrollably. How can the Lord of lords and King of kings lay in my dirty, sinful and filthy hands? The All-Powerful and Eternal King who holds the world in the palm of His hands allowed Himself to be held by my impure hands. It was my very personal encounter of God’s humility and meekness, virtues that I will strive to imitate.

Father, remind me that the Light I absorbed from You is not for my personal consumption only. Give me grace to be generous and re-emit the light energy I received from You and glow in this dark world. And when the glow I give out falters, call me again to be reconnected with You, my Father of Infinite Source of Light.

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