Experienced God’s Greatness in the Land of Smiles

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By Icon Joquico

Icon JoquicoEverything is God’s grace. The Lord brought me to Thailand for a reason. The Lord wanted me to realize something. Something that I may not realize somewhere else. Often times when the Lord wants me to do something, I always find myself asking why did He choose me. The same question came to my mind when He called me to go on mission to Thailand.

This year I have thought that I wanted to celebrate my birthday serving the Lord, be in a mission. I’m sure that there will be a Live Pure forum on the weekend of my birthday. Little did I know that the Lord will bring me to a Live Pure forum in another country. The Lord really knows how to surprise us. The Lord truly knows our heart’s desires. I didn’t really ask for it but the Lord wanted me to experience more than what I wanted for my birthday in a mission. I said yes to His call, but the question of why did He will bring me to Thailand was at the back of my mind. During our meeting for the mission trip, I was assigned to give a pep talk on understanding the youth today as part of the program of the Live Pure Ethics Seminar at the Assumption University, an international Catholic school in Thailand. All along I thought that I will be a facilitator during the seminar. But no, the Lord has asked me to do something that I have never done before, to be a speaker in a crowd where English is not their first language and Catholic is the religion of only a few.

Icon Joquico This journey has taught me to go out of my comfort zone in so many ways. It has edified me to be braver in facing my fears and to trust in Him more in times of difficulties. I am the kind of person in a team who prefers to be on backstage or do the technical stuff instead of speaking in front of many people. I’m also not good at relating with people especially when meeting them the first time. But through God’s grace, He became my strength to get to know the loving people in the community of Thailand. He gave me courage when I gave my talk to the attendees of the Live Pure Ethics Seminar. I had the courage to impart my conviction and Catholic faith to students of the university. Everything was all His grace that I was able to go out of my comfort zone. Saying yes to what He asked You to do is not always an easy road but letting Him be the driver of your journey makes everything possible.

I truly thank the Lord for the privilege of experiencing my first foreign mission trip in Thailand and be able to serve Him during the weekend of my birthday. I am truly blessed for my parents who allowed me to go on mission even if I won’t be able to celebrate my birthday with them. I am truly grateful also for the families who have accommodated us during our mission. I have felt God’s love through each and everyone. They made my birthday extra special in their effort of giving me a birthday surprise. They were all God’s gift to me on my birthday. Everything that happened was such an amazing experience of God’s love and grace. At the end of this mission, I realized that God had already answered my question of why He had brought me to Thailand. I was indeed His plan to bring me there and experience everything that will make me become a better version of myself. I have experienced transformation in me as a person all because of His love. I will bring this experience with me as I venture in my life for another year. Remembering God’s greatness in my journey in the Land of Smiles will definitely put a smile on my face and on my heart.

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