Eu Fui Abençoado (A WYD Sharing)

Written by Jepoy Meneses on . Posted in Sharing

By Jepoy Meneses
CFC SFL Fulltime Worker

Eu Fui AbençoadoOut of the 40 delegates of CFC FFL to the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, there are only 2 who are hesitant to go. I am one of them.

I really have no plans on going to this year’s World Youth Day. My mind is set on other things – mission trips and SFL congresses. But the Lord has other plans. He wanted to meet me in Brazil. And when it is the Lord who makes the request, we are in for a surprise.

Upon arriving to Brazil, the Lord immediately changed my heart. From a closed and complaining heart, He gave me a heart that is open and willing to receive. The people welcomed us like we were football superstars – they lined up by the streets and cheered as we get off the bus. They embraced us, served us and danced with us. Our host families received us like we are one of theirs. I remember that it was a cold day that day, but the warmth of the people simple overpowered the weather.

My perspective changed. I knew it and I felt it. God transformed my hardened heart and I began to see how He is blessing me everyday in Brazil. The seemingly mundane things like walking, lining up for food, riding the train and even waiting for the bus are events that God used to speak to me.

One time, the sands of the beach was getting inside my shoes and I was feeling irritated. But all of a sudden, it made me say, “Wait! I am in Copacabana!” My annoyance that could have obscured God’s obvious blessing suddenly turned into praising. It made me realize that, yes, I do not have the means to be here but through the generosity of others, I am here.

If I there is one lesson that God reminded me again during the WYD it is this: that we are swimming in an ocean of blessings. It is the nature of our Father in heaven to bless us, His children. He blesses us not because we are good but because we are His. It is just up to us to recognize it everyday.

The WYD has left me content, loved and at peace. Eu fui abençoado!

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