Delayed Response

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by Maggie Evora
CFC SFL Laguna

“…singled-out…” according to Bro. Dylan.

“…binatukan…sin…” according to Bro. Jepoy.

“…immoral workplace…” according to Bro. Noli.

“Radical!” according to Bro. Mark.

Those were the words that echoed in my head as I stared out the window of a car on my way home Sunday afternoon after our Radical-themed CSW 2011. I have heard all of these before. I can almost hear it like it happened yesterday.

The truth is, this is a delayed response to the call for sharing related to WSC 2010. I am more than a year late. There, I got the chance to attend an e-Vangelization Workshop. At first, I had no idea what the workshop was all about. Sitting on a solihiya chair inside a tropical chapel in Bluroze Farms in Batangas, I stared at the people around me. With my sweet baby James beside me, I quietly asked,

Ano ba ‘tong workshop na ‘to? Ano ba ‘tong pinasok natin?

A little later, Youth Pinoy speakers and CBCP Media Office Director Rev. Msgr. Pedro Quitorio III stood before us. They were not stars. Nonetheless, I was star-struck, especially with Msgr. Quitorio. You may not know his name, but for sure, you have seen him on TV at one point. Having been star-struck, I sat straight up and eagerly listened. According to them, they were there to spread our Pope Benedict XVI’s call to

“Young people in particular, I appeal to you. Bear witness to your faith through the digital world.”

So this was the reason why the Lord has brought me here. I guess it’s about time I tell you something about myself.

Isa po akong manunulat. I started writing literary pieces at the age of 10. At that age, it crossed my mind to become a writer someday, but not as a profession. For my young mind, being a writer was reserved for the intellectuals of the past. I knew I wasn’t intelligent, let alone brave enough to allow the world to peek at my work, my masterpieces. And so, questions crowded my head as I accepted my first job as a writer, despite my IT educational background.

Why? Why did I become a writer?

God’s answer came four years later through the e-Vangelization Workshop.

Unfortunately, I did not pay attention to the call. I was there, and yet I did nothing after. I had ideas in my head, but for some reasons I can’t explain, I kept on making excuses for not writing to evangelize through my write-ups until like JC, who was binatukan ni Lord with a sickness, I too, was binatukan. I know all writers experience it, but I was too confident that I won’t catch it. Eventually, I did. Not long after WSC 2010, I experienced a writer’s block. For a year, I endured the hardship of having writer’s block. The writer in me was sick. Sure I wrote for my work, but all my creative juices were literally drained out. NADA, walang natira.

So, this is what happens when you won’t listen to God’s call. During those times, I called myself Sgt. Noodles (for Maggie). My laptop was my weapon. My words were my bullets. I was like a soldier with a gun without bullets.

However, I stood faithful to the Lord. I knew he has a reason for letting this happen.

More than a year after experiencing literary sickness, yet faithfully serving Him, I got everything back. Ideas now come effortlessly. My head is brimming with ideas I never knew were actually there. What’s even more rewarding was, He appointed me as co-Chapter Servant. Please do take note that I have no intention to brag, though I have the right. I merely want to express the magnitude of God’s power in my life.

Being new to the role of a co-Chapter Servant, I have been thinking of ways on how I could better co-lead my co-members until

“The Lord has singled you out…” you bro said it.

I always knew God works in mysterious ways. I always knew He has a reason for letting everything happen, but not until I was awoken from a spiritual slumber that Sunday morning in Tagaytay. CSW reminded me

I was an unwanted child.

I was an atheist.

I was, and still am, a sinner.

I am not as intelligent as most people are.

I am a broken person;

the list could go on, but most especially,

I am a literary artist,

a writer.

“And Jesus said, ‘You did not choose me. I chose you.’” Fr. Francis Gustilo gently proclaims.

Now, I have a reason why pinahiram sakin ni Lord ang talentong ito.

I have long required myself to use my talents to bring glory to His name. It will be my mission to use my talents to bring people closer to the Lord through the literary pieces that I will weave and share to others. The Radical CSW has reminded me all of that. In today’s modern world, how more appropriate it would be to radically face the challenge of evangelizing through online media.

Admittedly, I am an extremely introvert person. I rarely speak, though I write most of the times. So next time you’ll see me quiet in a corner, don’t worry. I am merely digesting all the beauty, magnificence, and power of our Lord before my eyes. Observing; and then at the end of the day, it’ll be my turn to use those observations para maghabi ng mga titik, salita, at pangungusap upang maipamahagi ko sa mga kapwa ko Kristyano, lalo na sa mga hindi pa nakakakilala kay Hesus – lahat yun, for the glory of God!

Ako po si Maggie Evora, graduate ng CLP 2007 mula sa Pacita, San Pedro, Laguna; ang manunulat.

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