Defining Missionary 24/7

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By Karen Garcia
CFC SFL Laguna

Karen Garcia

Well, this year had been a blessing for me. It all started when I attended my 1st WSC in Batangas this year. In the said congress, I heard God’s affirmation to me once again that “ Greater things have yet to come“. This is my favorite God’s message since my YFL days. And truly enough, God fulfilled it months after. When the month of April came, I served on a CLS on our Chapter. Though it was for Couples and Handmaids only, I enjoyed it for I had been an inspiration for the participants that attended on that CLS.

Then came September, a week after the South Luzon CSW 2014 in Cavite, I served another CLS, but this time, its our cluster-wide CLS for SFL. Even though lacked of service team serving on that CLS, we’ve been all strengthened by our chosen theme & Bible verse (Theme: BRAVE, Bible verse: Mt. 14:27). Pinatunayan namin ito dahil naging successful ang CLS namin after all the struggles we’ve went through.

When October came, we spearheaded our 2nd Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC) seminar on one of our neighboring barangay of our parish/chapter. I was one of the service team that served on that LCSC. And truly God blessed this activity so much, that despite all of the service team had been drained from the preparations down to the execution on the day itself, it been so successful like our 1st LCSC we held last May. And finally, when November came, I served on the LivePure Forum that we led on our parish, along with other YFL’s and SFL’s (with of course the assistance of our CFC FFL titos & titas). And the feeling during that LivePure Forum was unexplainable, because all of the participants that attended the forum had been inspired by the talks given, and to see them happy is an achievement for us in the whole team.

Inspite of all the activities that passed by which tested my strength on serving God, I came to a realization that: “Lahat kayang gawin sa lakas ng Diyos” (conviction taken from WYC 2011). And because of all the activities that passed by, I thanked the Lord for the gift of service He had given me. No wonder I’ve made the right decision to upgrade my service from YFL to SFL 2 years ago. And because of that decision I’ve made, blessings are coming unexpectedly as I serve the community.

This is what really meant by our conviction “Missionary 24/7”. In everything that God is giving us to do, don’t be afraid to accept it, no matter what circumstances, doubts or fears may come to hinder our way to serve God. We are all just imperfect persons loved by a perfect God.

And also, don’t expect that God will give what you want immediately. But rather, expect the unexpected present that God will give us in the future.

And always remember that prayer is the key for us to accomplish God’s plan for us.  

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